Is there a way to change the sorting view of folders using the "Small Icons" view to sort the files by columns rather than rows? It makes more sense for them to view that way when you are talking about files that are not images.

Reason: if I use the List view the icons are too small to view. If I use CTRL + Mouse Wheel to resize them then it changes the view to Small Icons and then the files are sorted in Rows instead of Columns.

Note: I use the "By Type" sort so that all PDF documents are together, all MS Word Docs are together, etc.

Has anyone managed to correct this? Did you have to change the Registry to do this?

Using Windows 10 Pro with an add on utility that expands the capability of the File Explorer.

Here is the view I am using. View is Small Icons and sort is by Type.

Changing Icons View in Folders to Sort in Columns Instead of Rows-win10-folder-view.jpg