Allow for 2 rows of icons in taskbar?

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    Allow for 2 rows of icons in taskbar?

    Wondering if this feature still exists in Windows10 and how to accomplish it.

    Back in Win7, I could unlock the taskbar and make it wider. This allowed me to drop more icons into the taskbar and would allow me to have two rows of icons.

    With Win10 I can't seem to figure out how to accomplish this. I follow the same steps, but it centers the icons in the middle of the wider task bar and then will run the icons down so you have to scroll to see the rest of them.

    Any way I can set it up to act like it did in Win7?
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    Hello jlindemann, and welcome to Ten Forums. :)

    Windows 10 uses the same process to unlock the taskbar, drag the taskbar border to the height/width you want, then lock the taskbar.
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    Hi Brink, thanks for the welcome.

    locking/unlocking and adjusting the height/width of the taskbar is easy enough to do. But the issue I'm looking into is how to allow for 2 rows of icons within the taskbar.
    I don't have a Win7 machine available right now to snapshot for you, but in Win7 you could create multiple rows of icons within the taskbar. (I did find an image on Google close enough to reference)Allow for 2 rows of icons in taskbar?-202_pinned_sites_on_taskbar.png
    Within Win10, we seem to have lost that feature. It appears that I can only have a single row of icons that will make you continue scrolling in a single line across the taskbar.

    I'm just wondering if there's a way to allow multiple rows of icons in the taskbar again in Win10
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    The icons will only overflow into the second row when the first row is full.
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    you're right. Hmm.... didn't notice that before. so it'll only do it as an overflow.
    I think before you could utilize the two rows right away.

    Ok, well I guess problem solved then.
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    I know this is an old thread, but for those looking for information on having two lines of icons on the task bar, there is a way, albeit kind of kludgy.

    Once you have your taskbar set to two rows high, right click on the taskbar, click on Toolbars and check-mark another Toolbar, or add your own. Once you do that, and as long as the taskbar is not locked, there will be handles that allow you to drag the width of any of the toolbars you add. Drag the handle of the toolbar you added to the left until the taskbar overflows onto two rows.

    The taskbar(s) that you add might look stupid so you will have to play with them. If you choose the "Address" toolbar, you will get an entry field where you can type a URL to which your browser will open, even if it's not open. You can also enter a text string, that doesn’t look like a URL, and it will do a search in your browser, the same way it does when you do it in the URL toolbar of your browser.

    Another of the choices that is in the list of toolbars is "Links" which points to the folder: D:\Users\UserName\Favorites\Links. You can drag URLs from your browser to that toolbar for quick access later, also whether or not your browser is open or closed.

    If it tickles you, you can add the old "Quick Launch" toolbar (yes, it’s still there) by adding a new toolbar and entering the folder: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch – or any other folder for that matter. As this is a “portal” to a normal folder, you can drag and drop any file or shortcut there, again, for quick access later.

    If you want to organize anything you drag and drop into a toolbar, you will have to work with that folder in Windows Explorer to add folders or rename the files or shortcuts as there is no way to get to the normal Windows Explorer right-click menu in the toolbar.

    At any point, you can right-click on one of the toolbars and choose to check or uncheck “Show Title” which will hide the title of all the toolbar or “Show Text” which will hide the label of the shortcut(s). You can also choose to “Close Toolbar” in the right-click menu but, if you close a toolbar that you added to the list (Quick Launch, etc.), the toolbar will be removed from the list and you will have to add it again, if you want it.

    There you have it… Taskbar 101.
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