Pc Crashed into a Blackscreen randomly

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    Pc Crashed into a Blackscreen randomly


    I've recently build a Pc and encountered a problem 1 Week after i build the Pc. It happened first while playing a game and my Pc crashed. My monitor showed that there was no Hdmi connection anymore but i kept hearing for a couple of seconds until the pc fully crashes and the sound hangs itself. Then i waited for a minute and the pc restarted itself.

    This problem occours anywhere. Even just about a minute ago when i was in the Windows Log-In screen when i pressed "Space" to open the writing box in order to write my password in!! It happened to me in a browser 2 or 3 times too! But 90% of the time it happenes while loading or playing Games. I've even clean installed Windows again and upadted the BIOS and the Drivers on their latest Versions... After the Cleaninstall from Windows it acctually worked for 2 days but then had the same crash again.

    Another Information that may be usefull is that it works sometimes with the Games i've allready got on my pc and i can play them without any errors, but when i install new Games they work fine for a bit and crash. Also i think it isn't the Graphicscards fault because intensive Games and graphicscard Benchmarks doesn't let it crash at all. I've heard it could be the powert supply.

    Any suggestions? I'm desperate with this one...
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    Hi, please see similar threads such as
    PC crash causing restart

    noting the use of the BSOD section of the forum for data collection, and the tools used.

    Doe this happen
    a. In Safe Mode
    b. After a clean boot?

    Is your PC overheating (check temps)?
    Are you overclocking?
    Have you checked your disk? (Should be ok as it's new...!) E.g.
    Download Portable HD Tune 2.55

    Have you checked your RAM? Is it all compatible?

    PSU: sometimes crashes are related to this as you note- hopefully that doesn't appply as yours is new.

    You could try running these (but only if your PC runs for long enough, which perhaps yours won't).
    Prime95 - Stress Test Your CPU
    Enable and Disable Driver Verifier in Windows 10
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    Sorry for the late answere,

    Yes my Pc overheats, but only when i dont turn on the fans, so i ain't an overheating problem, i guess

    I was also able to run stress test such as the msi.kombuster ones and runned the Driver verifier for around 15-20 minutes and simultaneously play Battlefield 1 and had no Crash.

    BUT: i have noticed 2 things:

    -1 when i turned off my Pc for a good, long time (6h+ or a night time) sometimes everything works fine (sometimes, because i think it's just pure coincidence) or when i unplug my pc a good 20 min. but this could be coincidence aswell, because it doesn't always work

    -2 i viewed a dump file from my latest crash and the crashes befor that crash and it showed a driver that the viewing program said has caused the crash. (i will pin a screenshot on this post Pc Crashed into a Blackscreen randomly-unbt.png ) what am i supposed to do now?

    ty for the support <3
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    In the search box,type in---dxdiag--- and check the Display page for any entries.Also note down the driver version,given on the right side,then download it,or a later version,from the maker's site only.Use Display Driver Uninstaller [DDU] in safe mode,to uninstall the driver,then install the downloaded one.
    Check Reliability History for entries happening at the problem times and if so,then "view tech details" for a possible cause.
    In the command box,type in---dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth--- and run it to see if it helps.
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    i dont actually find the driver you are talking about since Amd provides it's divers though the radeon software

    Version: 26. 20. 11028.0

    and it didnt show any error in the error screen

    btw i dont get BSOD's but black screens or freezes, had a freeze 30 minutes ago that came out of nowhere and my sound froze and the screen until my pc restarted itself.
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    The Display page in dxdiag has three sections,Device on the left,Drivers to the right and Notes at the bottom.The Driver section gives a comprehensive breakdown of the driver used,in particular,version,date and model.Could you confirm your Display page does not do that?
    Freezing is frequently caused by the Display adapter and sometimes shows in Device Manager with a yellow caution flag.Uninstalling and replacing can often fix that.
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    I'm very sorry, but i still can't find the drivers needed. I'm still pretty new with Windows in generall...

    could you find them?
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    Not able to help on remote access,perhaps another may be prepared to do so.
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    Please upload V2 results into this thread:
    BSOD - Posting Instructions
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    Your graphic card and driver have a problem[dxgkrnl.sys] and you should remove and replace it.If you can't do it yourself,then see if a friend or other can do it for you.
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