BSoD after random freeze

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    BSoD after random freeze

    I'm posting on behalf of a friend of mine. I've attached a DM log from his most recent BS and set my PC specs to reflect his.
    While he was telling me that he Blue Screened, I asked him a few questions to see what he was doing at the time, but he told me that he couldn't think of anything that had been consistent throughout each freeze, only that the freeze happened first, and the BS happened on start up.
    The first time it happened, he had been downloading Skype.
    The second, he was browsing the internet and using Photoshop.
    The third time he was in queue for an online video game.
    Any help would be extremely appreciated.
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    Hi Toxictides00 and your friend,

    Welcome to the 10forums :)

    Please follow my instructions carefully, it is for
    1. removing outdated drivers,
    2. removing software that is known for causing bluescreens,
    3. checking the hardware, the bluescreen error is known as a hardware error

    Please uninstall ASUS software, it is known for causing bluescreens and uses outdated drivers.

    Please check the motherboard manufacturer for driver updates for the ASmedia USB drivers & network drivers and update/remove/reinstall following drivers
    Driver Reference Table - ndisrd.sys
    Driver Reference Table - PcaSp60.sys

    Daemon tools, Alcohol 120% and Power Archiver Pro uses SCSI Pass Through Direct (SPTD), which is a well known cause for BSOD's.
    Please remove Daemon Tools and run the SPTD pass through remover.
    1. Uninstall Daemon Tools
    2. Download the SPTD standalone installer and follow these steps:
      • Double click the executable to open it
      • Click on the button shown below

    If the button is grayed out, like in the image, there is no more SPTD installation on your system, and you can close the window.

    Please uninstall Norton while troubleshooting and use Windows Defender as alternative.
    Norton has caused 1 of the crashes
    Norton/Symantec - Uninstall Completely - Windows 7 Help Forums
    ffffd000`2ee07018  fffff800`3e234601Unable to load image IDSvia64.sys, Win32 error 0n2
    *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for IDSvia64.sys
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for IDSvia64.sys
    ffffd000`2ee06be8  fffff800`3e1337d9Unable to load image SYMNETS.SYS, Win32 error 0n2
    *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for SYMNETS.SYS
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for SYMNETS.SYS
    The errors are 0x124 WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR (Windows Hardware Error Architecture)
    This means that there are problems with your hardware, but this error is also caused by overclocking, faulty drivers or BIOS problems.

    STOP 0x124 Troubleshooting

    Read carefully before proceeding.

    warning   Warning
    If you're overclocking your system, revert back to stock clocks now.

    Note   Note
    Test the system once the overclock is removed before continuing with the steps outlined below.

    Part One: CPU Stress Test
    Part Two: MemTest86+ RAM Diagnostic
    Part Three: Hard Drive Diagnostics
    Part Four: GPU Stress Test



    Run Prime95 and/or IntelBurenTest to stress test your CPU. Prime95 - Stress Test Your CPU - Windows 10 Forums & CPU - Stress Test Using IntelBurnTest - Windows 7 Help Forums

    warning   Warning
    Your CPU temperatures will rise quickly while under this stress test. Keep a keen eye on them and abort the test if overheating occurs.



    Run MemTest86+ to analyse your RAM. MemTest86+ - Test RAM - Windows 10 Forums

    Note   Note

    MemTest86+ needs to be run for at least 8 passes for conclusive results. Set it running before you go to bed and leave it overnight. We're looking forzero errors here. Even a single error will indicate RAM failure.



    Run SeaTools to check the integrity of your HDD. SeaTools for DOS and Windows - How to Use - Windows 7 Help Forums
    Run following tests
    1. Short Drive Self Test
    2. Short generic
    3. Long generic

    If the short generic fails, no need for the long generic.

    Note   Note
    Do not run SeaTools on an SSD as the results will be invalid.

    Run chkdsk
    Disk Check - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Run HDTune to
    • scan for errors, no quick scan but full scan
    • check the health,
    • benchmark.

    It may take some time, but please take the time you need to perform it properly.
    Let me know what the results are
    • of the error scan,
    • make a screenshot of the health of every hard drive and post the screenshots,
    • post screenshots with the benchmark of the
      • transfer rate,
      • access time,
      • burst rate,
      • cpu usage.



    Run Furmark to stress test your GPU. FurMark - GPU Stress Test - Windows 10 Forums

    Note   Note
    Run Furmark for around 30 minutes.

    warning   Warning
    Your GPU temperatures will rise quickly while Furmark is running. Keep a keen eye on them and abort the test if overheating occurs.
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    I'll have him remove norton and Daemon immediately. As far as bios drivers go, I've already had him update those from manufactures website, as well as resetting his bios to default settings, though he insisted he wasn't overclocking. After Bios reset, the crashes have still happened.
    Our next step will be the drivers for the ASmedia USB drivers & network drivers. Will confirm that they're updated next reply.
    After the software is out of the way, I'll start him up on hardware testing.
    Thank you for the reply. I'll do what I can to get back to you soon
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    For the USB drivers, you might also want to check ASMedia Technology Inc. 祥碩科技 for updates
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    We may be overlooking it, but neither of us could find a download section in the ASMedia Tech link you sent us.
    Software listed has been removed.
    Also, the links to pages for the DRT had links listed for update pages, but the one for PCA responded with a domain error, the other didn't seem to lead to anything driver related.
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