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The boot menu is a known issue that was documented in the release notes for 9926.

Found that and tried to update which is when I found I didn't have WU in CP any more.

Windows Update is not in control panel anymore, it's in Settings. If you can get to it via wuapp then use it to download all patches and your start menu should work again.

Why was it removed from CP? That is just plain stupid. Once again trying to force me to use the Modern interface I don't like, especially the Windows Update in PC Settings.

The administrator thing is weird.. did you activate that in your previous version of windows?

Yes, it was activated in 8.1, so I guess that makes sense for 10 TP to honor that. I'm surprised it did.
Any thoughts on the forced selection of Win 10 or or Rollback?
I don't know what you mean. It's a bug, it's documented as a bug, it's a known issue in this release. It is not fixed by any update that I know of.

Regarding Windows Update, it's deliberately removed. Microsoft is moving various settings slowly to the Settings panel from Windows Update and there is no point in having it in both places.