Windows 10: Selective Win10 Updates (as in Win7) Solved

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    Windows 10 Pro/Windows 7 Ultimate
       02 Feb 2016 #11

    Just do that and the only time you'll ever get an update is if you hit "check for updates" just keep your hands off of that and don't go into the update settings and you'll never have an update. Unless you want the updates and if you do, then you can use that diagcab to hide whatever updates you don't want.
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  2.    02 Feb 2016 #12

    I'll try all that and if it works .. what can I say? A huge thank you, man!

    @jebuchanan - seems there is hope, after all.
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  3.    03 Feb 2016 #13

    Just to add to that long post from @XweAponX ermm .... another thing to do in order to stop the Forced update to Win10 when on Win7/8/8.1 is to delete all entries of 'GWX' in OS partition. Just search for GWX in the partition and delete everything ... that's what I did and the thing went away...
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  4.    04 Feb 2016 #14

    Ermm.... the fix actually works for both Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise

    Windows Update Automatic Updates - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
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       06 Feb 2016 #15

    soewhaty said: View Post
    Just to add to that long post from @XweAponX ermm .... another thing to do in order to stop the Forced update to Win10 when on Win7/8/8.1 is to delete all entries of 'GWX' in OS partition. Just search for GWX in the partition and delete everything ... that's what I did and the thing went away...
    Yah but that's from KB303885 (I think) - Google "remove GWX" and the first result will tell you which package it is. Remove that, then block it in WU and you'll be fine.
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  6.    06 Feb 2016 #16

    Thanks! I found this and it seems reasonable - How to remove the Windows 10 GWX upgrade nonsense
    what do you think? I don't care any more actually cos I managed to solve the issue by blocking the prompt win-10 upgrade update in WU and deleted all entries of gwx so for now it looks like it is resolved. I didn't have to resort to the sort of violence that guy from the above-link had to resort to .... but who knows ... maybe someone reading this will find the link useful. Do u think it's a good one?
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  7.    06 Feb 2016 #17

    BTW any idea why when I go to 'View installed updates' I only see updates from a day ago or so. I'm sure I installed LOADS of updates earlier on ... like a week ago or so and now I can't see them ... ? I mean .. how far back in time should it stretch? On my other OS, Windows 7 that is, I see like a year back in the past, when I open 'View installed updates'. OK, still .. it's not the full picture, but better to have it a year ago than a day ago ... could it be because yesterday Win10 found some major update and while installing it it sorta reset a lot of stuff ... the process of downloading/installing the update in question was different than usual. It had it's own black screen with loading % and saying how many % are copied and % installed on a black background. Was the 1st time i ever see such fanciness for a Win Update.
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  •    17 Feb 2016 #18

    So here is the W10 update workflow that i've figure out so far and it seems to work. Gives control, at least, as W7:

    Beware that once Windows Update sees an update and lists it as available for download, then even if you hide that update in 'wushowhide.diagcab', WU is still going to download and install that update. What you can do in that situation is to let WU install it and then uninstall that update from 'View installed updates', then don't open the 'Windows Update' window. Then in 'wushowhide.diagcab' hide the update in question. This way, the update is not installed and WU should no longer list it as available for download.

    Therefore the workflow for checking for updates for the future is first to run 'wushowhide.diagcab' and see if any updates need to be hidden and only then go to WU, check for updates and instal them.

    Hope that helps someone! :) And thanks for the help of everyone who contributed so far!
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       17 Feb 2016 #19

    Yeah I've noticed that sometimes wupdatehider selectively applies the updates I choose to hide, i've had to do exactly what you described.
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       18 Feb 2016 #20


    I don't think you can stop MS from updating if they want to. I had mine set to never and MS over rode that setting. I finally disabled it in services and MS turn it back on and set updates to automatic and that was on my W 7. I tried W 10 but went back to W 8. I have a W 7 desktop, a W 8 laptop and a W 8.1 desktop.
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