Windows 10: 12 hour update Solved

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       31 Mar 2018 #11

    Winver now reports as follows. I don't know what it said before Microsoft decided one dark night I wanted an update when the computer awoke, of course.
    Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.192
    So it's not the latest and termination was of a real update in progress or stuck. Thanks.
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       01 Apr 2018 #12

    I would create a backup with Macrium so you have a point in time to return to, then run the update trouble shooter and check for updates.

    Trouble Shoot Start => Setting => Update and security => Troubleshoot => Windows Update
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       04 Apr 2018 #13

    I followed Calendon Ken's advice and did a Macrium update and ran the update troubleshooter. Checking Win Version still shows me running 1709, but the log shows for it "last failed attempt on 3/14" (KB4074588). Since then there have been 6 updates that installed correctly, but all seem to have been other than Windows core functions. The log also reports a failed update 3/28 to v. 1709 (KB4088776).

    I suspect that 1709 didn't install correctly, and nothing after that for the Win core functions is likely to. Should I get KB4074588 and run it again?
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       04 Apr 2018 #14

    Have a look at this article.

    Near the bottom is a course of action under the section Known Issues.

    Your 1709 is likely okay, it is the updates that are %^$*(^%^
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       05 Apr 2018 #15

    If OK, what then?

    As near as I can tell, the 1709 install is OK. So if I ignore the failed install messages, I'm still badgered to reboot while it tries again--and again. How do I get Win10 to stop that, but continue with new updates to the core functionality?
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       05 Apr 2018 #16

    Did you uninstall as the directions indicated?
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       06 Apr 2018 #17


    Thanks for the reply Caledon Ken.

    Nope. Missed that. I'll do that next.
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       07 Apr 2018 #18

    Now it's the update database

    I uninstalled the January update. Ran troubleshooter and got corrupted update database. Repair app said it did, but when I ran update troubleshooter it found updates, then failed on corrupted update database again. Repeated a few times, but no change.

    FWIW, the database repair app said it failed first time but it made changes. I ran it again and it said it succeeded this time. Apparently it didn't.

    Is there a way to proceed?
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       08 Apr 2018 #19

    Here is how I would proceed.

    First I would download the full March Cumulative update mentioned in the directions. KB 4088776.

    I would then run the Windows Update reset.

    Reset Windows Update in Windows 10

    I would then open command prompt(admin) and issue these two commands

    Net stop wuauserv
    Net stop bits

    Then I would manually apply the March update, restart the computer. Then check for updates and see what OS build you are on. Hopefully 16299.334
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       09 Apr 2018 #20


    I followed your advice, Ken, I think. I couldn't get past the problems with the update database. Ultimately I refreshed. This deleted all my 3d party apps, including the one I was taking notes about this work. The data are still there, but it means a lot of restoration to even get back to where I can get the original serial number and request an activation code. So this thread ends now.

    Refresh seemed to work. Update shows successful installation of March full update. But the funny thing is update trouble shooter still finds problems with updates. I guess I've got to refresh or even go to a clean reinstall.

    Microsoft, Win 10, or my own inability to follow the (complex) directions has caused you to waste your time on this. I'm sorry I was the occasion for you to do this, and I really appreciate your kind assistance.

    For me, it's going to cost me maybe a hundred hours if I can restore this box to functionality and get back to the real reason I have a computer. It isn't so I can be a computer tech. No, I have no alternative to Windows. But if I ever do, you can believe I will gladly take it. Where we went wrong with computers was to except them and software houses from consumer protection laws. had we not done so, we'd have much less functionality, but a lot more reliability and security. Now we have an industry that's gone so far out on risk pursuing neat technology I fear it will simply fail at some point. I certainly hope not, since that would take a bunch of nice folks down. Same thing happened in 1929 and is fixing to again in the financial world.

    Thanks again to folks here in this forum, and especially to you, Calendon.Ken.
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