Windows 10: Windows 10 S officially announced

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    Windows 10 S officially announced

    At its #MicorsoftEDU event in New York City today, Microsoft has officially announced a new version of Windows 10. The new version of Windows is called Windows 10 S, which was previously known as Windows 10 Cloud.
    Windows 10 S is a new version of Windows 10 for Microsoft’s education customers, as the “S” in Windows 10 S stands for “schools.” Windows 10 S is a key part of Microsoft’s plans to take on Google’s Chromebook. Windows 10 S is essentially a slimmer or lightweight version of Windows 10 that can only download and install apps from the Windows Store. Users can download Win32 and the modern Windows 10 apps from the Windows Store on Windows 10 S, but it isn’t possible to download and install apps from outside of the Windows Store.

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    Windows 10 S is Microsofts answer to Chrome OS - The Verge

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    Update - May 18th 2017: Windows 10 Accessibility: What to Expect Later This Year - Windows 10 Forums

    The Windows team is committed to delivering built-in assistive technology that exceeds our users’ needs and expectations. We are also working closely with assistive technology partners to continue to improve their experiences with Windows 10 and to support deploying more assistive technology apps in the Microsoft Store. We recently announced Windows 10 S, which promises Windows 10 devices with faster boot times and improved security and reliability. We believe Windows 10 S is great for many customers. Others may prefer Windows Home or Windows Pro to meet their needs. Microsoft is committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities and providing choices for devices and modes for operating Windows. We will provide assistive technology users with a switch to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 10 S at no charge as we continue to improve our built-in assistive technology and bring more assistive technology apps to the Microsoft Store.
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    To quote the wonderful but long deceased Scottish actor from Dad's Army - 'We're doomed".
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    Sweet. It's the Surface-RT all over again. Or perhaps the Zoon-2.
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    Something that confused me a bit was they place 10 S between Home and Pro? Home appears to me, to have more features than 10 S? And the upgrade path from 10 S is to Pro, not to Home? The S stands for Streamlined but seems more like Starter to me? It does sound like a nice Secure platform for students though.
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    Ditto alpha.. not for me, but a good ploy by MS to forage into the Google-store-student market

    The store apps needs to be beefed up tho' before it they can compete..

    If they succeed, they will get Windows phone to take off as well..(I think that's the premise..)
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    Hi there

    Is there anything likely to come out equivalent to Windows 7 Embedded.

    That would be a decent equivalent to Windows S.

    I'm not sure we all want to go off to "Cloud Cuckoo Land" with the amount of Hacks etc being done on these servers.

    If "Farcebook", Amazon, Google, Instagram etc all have problems from time to time to say nothing of big Banks etc why on earth should people put more and more trust in the cloud -- and even less so when supposedly democratic countries like USA, UK etc are giving laws to give to Police / security agencies that empowers them to collect all details of anybody's internet access, sites visited and mobile phone calls and have to hold them on a database for 2 years (which in fact given the massive size of available HDD space - means forever) -- all in the interests of "National Security" -- a concept that nobody has ever had worldwide any success in challenging in a Court what that actually means and when does it end --if ever.

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    Superfly said: View Post
    Ditto alpha.. not for me, but a good ploy by MS to forage into the Google-store-student market

    The store apps needs to be beefed up tho' before it they can compete..

    If they succeed, they will get Windows phone to take off as well..(I think that's the premise..)
    If it shows up on my MSDN Sub I'll have a look see. I have a spare desktop PC for that kind of stuff. Wouldn't be my daily driver though, that's for sure. If you think the Windows Store sucks, you should see what's available on the XBOX store. The Apps section sucks big time there. Slowly getting better, very slowly though.
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    Hi there

    sometimes good though it is it's time to put a market to bed.

    Windows Phone will just die --there aren't enough mainstream people like Banks, airlines, train companies issuing m-tickets etc who even recognize its existence.

    Ms would actually make MORE money in beefing up android phones and improving the security on those devices.

    I actually LIKE windows phones -- but it's a dead end --and what self respecting developer wants to work on a project that they feel is going nowhere.

    A pity as this type of stuff sometimes happens -- e.g VHS vs Betamax, Radios with hideous cassette tape drives instead of decent minidiscs etc etc.

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    This will definitely FAIL like the Windows RT.
    What MS needs to do is to come up with a different name and stay away from the word "Windows". Because consumer will automatically assume they can install all the x86 software they own when they see the word "Windows". It will cause a lot of disappointment.
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