Lumia Phones and Windows 10  

    Lumia Phones and Windows 10

    Lumia Phones and Windows 10

    Posted: 22 Jan 2015
    Lumia Phones and Windows 10-w10-fea.jpg

    Windows 10 ushers in a new generation of more personal computing across the broadest range of devices, from big screens to small screens, to no screens at all. Introducing innovations such as a new version of Cortana, a better web experience, a new suite of in-box apps, Windows 10 will also feature a fast, fluid and familiar experience on phones and smalls tablets to seamlessly interact with your PC.

    We recently sat down with Chris Weber, Corporate Vice President of Sales for the Microsoft Mobile Devices group, to give us the low-down on how Windows 10 will make for a more customizable and intuitive Windows experience on your Lumia.

    How will Windows 10 enhance my Lumia phone?

    Basically, Windows 10 was designed with your Lumia phone in mind. Through this new operating system, we are bringing together the best Microsoft experiences in a beautiful, seamless – and familiar – way on your Windows devices.

    For example, with the suite of in-box apps on Lumia, you have the ease of using Mail and Calendar on your phone as you would on your PC. You can easily work on PowerPoint presentations, edit Word documents and appreciate other rich functionality in Office, while you are on the go.

    The same seamless integration can also be seen with Maps. Let’s say you searched for a place – maybe a new restaurant that your friends have been talking about – on your PC. The next time you are out and about, your search will also show up on your phone when you open Maps. With it, you can also access info such as driving directions to that restaurant, reviews and even the ability to reserve a table, all from the same app.

    We are super-excited that Windows 10 will bring such unique experiences to today’s Lumia devices.

    Should I buy a Lumia now?

    There’s never been a better time than now to buy a Lumia! You have a choice of Lumia phones at different prices and capabilities to suit your needs, both personal and professional.

    For example, you can get the budget-friendly Lumia 435, the selfie-happy Lumia 735, or the gorgeous gold-edition Lumia 930–and you will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 as it becomes available, starting this summer. It’s the best of both worlds: amazing hardware right now, with a VIP pass to killer new software later this year.

    Does that mean that today’s Lumia devices can be upgraded to Windows 10?

    We’re making it as easy as possible to get Windows 10. Windows 10 has been designed to run well on today’s Lumia phones. Like any upgrade to a new operating system, not every phone will upgrade or support all possible Windows 10 features, and certain features and experiences will require more advanced future hardware. Our goal is for the majority of the Lumia phones running Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 to join the Windows ecosystem along with an expected hundreds of millions of PCs, tablets and other devices running the next generation of Windows.

    Any last words on Windows 10?

    We want the world to love Windows!

    As Terry Myerson from the Windows team said yesterday, we don’t just want people to use Windows, we want them to be fans. Windows 10 will be an easy upgrade to the vast majority of people who use Windows PCs, tablets and phones today.

    Windows 10 spans a range of devices to help you get to the things that are important to you regardless of whether you’re on your phone, holding your tablet, or sitting at your desk on your PC. No other platform scales a consistent experience, and importantly – your stuff – across the range of devices that Windows 10 does. So while we have focused on Lumia, keep in mind that Windows 10 embraces that notion that we use many different devices every day and our experiences span them seamlessly.

    Our goal is that when you wear a Microsoft Band, use a Lumia phone, work on a Surface tablet, play Xbox console, or collaborate with PPI device, you’ll enjoy the rich, beautiful experience of Windows and achieve more than you ever thought you could.

    So stay tuned; we have some great stuff in the pipeline!
    Source: The Lumia you love gets even better with Windows 10 - Lumia Conversations
    Brink's Avatar Posted By: Brink
    22 Jan 2015

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    Interesting that the bit in red says "not every phone will upgrade". I wonder what their criteria is, as that differs from what they previously said?

    On a side note, I hope Microsoft will allow users to change all tile colours in Windows 10 if they wish. Some of us are OCD and don't like multi-coloured unicorn vomit Start Screens. Adding say Skype or MixRadio to the Start Screen screws with my uniform red icons, so I just keep them in the all apps list instead.

    No joke:

    Lumia Phones and Windows 10-lumia-startscreen.jpg
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    Win 10 Pro 64bit (1909)

    I had to ditch my Lumia 920 when I switched to Verizon a few months ago and now I have the HTC One M8 Windows phone. I really hope we get the same connectivity and integration as the Lumia Windows phones....
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    win 7 8 10

    I have enjoyed my lumia windows phone
    actually it helped for the transition to windows 8
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    ARC1020 said:
    Interesting that the bit in red says "not every phone will upgrade". I wonder what their criteria is, as that differs from what they previously said?

    I apologise for answering my own post, however it appears that it's OEMs and carriers that could be the problem, rather than a technical reason why not all Windows 8 handsets may be upgradeble to Windows 10.

    Anyone who's been following Windows Phone's development can probably figure out why the messaging is mixed. Microsoft almost surely wants every device to be upgradable, but there are two factors complicating this: OEMs and carriers. OEMs are responsible for some driver and firmware updates, and carriers have to give the go-ahead for every update. As, for example, owners of the Verizon-exclusive Lumia Icon have found out, carriers can drag their feet and introduce long delays in update availability.
    Source: Every Windows Phone 8 phone will get Windows 10, except the ones that won
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    Windows 7, 8.1, 10 | Linux

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    Windows 10 Insider Program, Linux Mint 19, Arcolinux, MX-17

    azasadny said:
    I had to ditch my Lumia 920 when I switched to Verizon a few months ago and now I have the HTC One M8 Windows phone. I really hope we get the same connectivity and integration as the Lumia Windows phones....
    I recently bought a Lumia 635 and am so pleased, especially with the integration. With my Windows 8.1 Phone, I can operate my home computer via the Teamviewer app. My OneNote files are synced, have access to OneDrive, and can access MyCloud. I like my new girl friend, Cortana, also.

    One can upgrade from a dumb phone to a Windows smartphone with little cost with some "smart" shopping.
    Example: Walmart had a special and I bought the phone for $39.99. I am an AT&T GoPhone customer. My dumb phone cost me $10/month average. It still costs me the same with my Lumia (no contract/data plan).
    There are plenty of WiFi hot spots in my area if I need to connect when away from home.
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    Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit

    Well I've been quite surprised by how well I've been able to upgrade my Lumia, it's only the first entry level phone they made the 520. It now runs Denim and I have Cortana working, mind you I'm due to upgrade in the next couple of months.

    My carrier is Vodafone and the phone didn't cost me anything, got it free for taking out a contract which only cost a couple of pounds more a month than I was paying for PAYG. I've been very pleased with it and will definitely get another Lumia.
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