Windows 10: The Best Antivirus for Windows 10 Revealed

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    Windows 10 Pro x64-bit
       29 Nov 2015 #50

    I´m using Bitdefender Total Security 2016 on Windows 10 with MalwareBytes PRO and MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit Premium and never had problems. For me is the best Antivirus!!Click image for larger version. 

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    Dual boot Windows 10 FCU Pro x 64 & current Insider 10 Pro
       29 Nov 2015 #51

    Lee said: View Post
    LOL, Lee! I see your dittoes raise you a

    jimbo45 said: View Post
    These types of threads have been done ad nauseam and usually don't impart any useful imformation --usually the posters preferences, often a lot of unscientific bias, irrelevant statistics and generally a lot mis-information.
    These threads are also free ad campaigns for AV software. I bet they just love them. Every time I read them there’s always new ones.

    Read how W10 really works - it's a lot different to previous OS'es
    This is about it in a nutshell. Defender working at kernel level. Who would know more about the source code and the workings of Windows more than MS?

    and understand where MODERN threats come from when people use the Internet --Software won't save you from a lot of scams that are used increasingly commonly now. Review how YOU use the net and THEN decide what protection you need. For some people simply the best would be Never use Email !!!.
    MS has a site solely dedicated to safety. Microsoft Internet Safety and Security Center

    The fact that someone has used XXXX for the past 20 years etc doesn't automatically make it GOOD or BAD either.
    All I can say is I’ve been using Security Essentials in 7 since inception and then Defender when included in 8/8.1 along with Malwarebytes free. Also now with 10. Never a problem. Have I got infected? Sure, but caught with scans. I’ll still hold that the best solution is between our ears.
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  3.    29 Nov 2015 #52

    heyyahblah said: View Post
    I've been using this guy since v3. I think it was the robot logo that sold me, LMAO.
    I feel safe knowing that Sonny "NS-5" is watching over me.
    But I actually really do like the software :)

    Attachment 50821
    Same here... Been using NOD32 and now ESS for quite a while now. I feel safe but I also try to be careful while surfing the internet. Years ago some of my buddies bragged about other AV programs but some got hit and NOD32 protected me. That's why i stuck with it. Knocking-on-wood here :)

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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
       29 Nov 2015 #53

    EMSISOFT is the best one I am using so far from every others I've ran.
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  5.    30 Nov 2015 #54

    I'm not so sure about the effectiveness of AV programs these days so sandboxing is the primary defence from threats that might come via the browser (Cyberfox at present). Nonetheless, it is recommended on the Sandboxie site to have other layers of security in place as well, so I have. No need to say what these are because people have their own preferences.
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    I had nothing but problems with BitDefender. I really wanted to like it based on all the positive reviews, but when I installed it on my Surface 3 it slowed it down to unbearable levels. It was so bad that even after uninstalling it I had to completely reset the Surface. Then on my main desktop websites were being blocked by BitDefender's firewall even after whitelisting them. The system, too, slowed down but not to the extent of my Surface. Uninstalling it was a pain because Windows Defender wouldn't even start up, so I had to manually dig in the registry and modify some files to get it working. Total pain in the butt.

    I'm now sticking with Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Pro. I don't really go to any malicious sites anyway, so I feel safe going this route.
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    macOS Sierra, Windows 10 Pro
       01 Dec 2015 #56

    wordsworth said: View Post
    The best anti-virus is you.
    Quoted for the truth. :)
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  8.    01 Dec 2015 #57

    jimbo45 said: View Post
    Hi there

    Oh dear -- you a) haven't actually answered the question on how an AV program is supposed to distinguish between a "Legitimate Windows program" and a "Rogue" Windows program which could contain no virus whatsoever but just be a plain nuisance --such as a typical PUP.

    That was the reply I was querying when a poster said Malwarebytes couldn't really defend against PUPS. You implied that it could and I was merely asking HOW. I wasn't asking about protection against Viruses / Trojans or some other types of malware.

    b) Windows defender DOES give REAL TIME PROTECTION - and anybody who thinks it doesn't is confusing it with the earlier version which ran on W7.

    The current version of Windows defender (Windows 10) is built into the windows kernel and is based on the earlier Enterprise program Forefront Security essentials.

    It's actually quite good.

    Of course batch scanning for any infected files is also a good idea but to suggest that Windows defender doesn't provide real time protection is just plain wrong.

    Hi and thank you Jim for making your point clear. . .I haven't used another anti-anti whatever since the start of the windows 10 insider program, and can say with truth that I have not had a virus or malware problem (or for that matter not even what folks are calling pups. . .not really sure what those are. . .:)).
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       01 Dec 2015 #58

    eLPuSHeR said: View Post
    Hmm. Av-Test is german. Avira is german. Coincidence?
    Naaaa never! Where could you even get an idea like that from? All these reviews are totally unbiased like I could easily sell you the Brooklyn Bridge!

    wordsworth said: View Post
    The best anti-virus is you.
    That could be true! But that would mean you would have to stay offline rather then going on the web at all and become totally isolated! The best prevention however is having effective web filtering that blocks out any questionable sites when a good program detects potential coding for malwares.

    Cluster Head said: View Post
    In Germany Avira is very often used as a Free Version. But there are no hardcore / heavy user.
    They prefer: Avast, Eset, Kaspersky, Bitdefender.
    I had just heard from a former Symantec security analyst who runs the free version of BitDefender about which he preferred. Funny how limited the reviews tend to be however on just how many av programs are looked at and always seem to miss some other actually better rated softwares?!
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       01 Dec 2015 #59

    QUOTE....This is about it in a nutshell. Defender working at kernel level. Who would know more about the source code and the workings of Windows more than MS?
    Don't make me laugh...Defender is about as much protection as a garden shed is against an atomic bomb.
    All this nonsense about kernel level didn't stop me downloading a highjack using Edge, Defender, Mbam and Mbam anti exploit.
    Infections do not only occur in the registry.
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