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    Paul Thurrott: Here are the Top User Requests for Windows

    A reader has sent along the results of his script-based analysis of the top feedback requests for Windows 10 in the Windows Technical Preview. And it won't surprise you to discover that the most popular requests are an interesting mix of common sense ideas and superficial changes.

    According to Matt Goldstein, who, among other things, has been incredibly helpful with typo/grammar fixes (always appreciated), this list is comprised of all of the feedback Microsoft has received that has garnered 25 or more "likes." So it's sort of a popularity contest.
    Full article:

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    Hi there.

    Above ANYTHING ELSE - please get NETWORKING to work properly - especially connectivity with mobile and Non Ms devices / systems.

    I'm surprised that Networking wasn't even mentioned in the list. !!!!

    (The Charms bar DOES work if you connect via RDP on a Non Touch screen (standard) PC) - I've posted that and an image elsewhere in the Forums).

    The other issue a lot of people have and I'm surprised it's not mentioned is PLEASE CAN WE INCREASE TEXT SIZE OF THE START MENU !!!.

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    The start button color? I agree with Paul - if this is the top 10 list, then Win10 is in great shape.

    Other Paul Thurrott pages:
    Nothing about Start menu text size here though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slartybart View Post
    The start button color? I agree with Paul - if this is the top 10 list, then Win10 is in great shape.

    Other Paul Thurrott pages:

    Nothing about Start menu text size here though
    You can add / change it or whatever but try and get the size of text bigger even if you make the other stuff HUGE

    For example - screenshots enc

    I'd like the Start menu text to be the same size as the text when you RIGHT MOUSE click on the start (windows) button.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails a1.png   a2.png  
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kari View Post
    Quote from linked article:
    3. Make it easier to use a local account. Currently, this option is a bit hard to see on the "How will this person sign in?" screen, which was a (misplaced) complaint in Windows 8.x as well. Folks, it's time to enter the 21st century, and if you can't handle a connected account, maybe Windows 10 isn't for you. Regardless, the way this is "hidden" (it's not really hidden) is perfectly OK in my opinion. 329 votes.
    Ummm, no. I decide what accounts I use and when I use them. And I also choose whether or not I want my PC user account to be permanently connected to a US private corporation thanks. Presumably just because he's using free cloud-based email accounts, storage, etc., he assumes everyone else in the entire world should as well? Or to put it another way, basically what he's stating in true dictatorship fashion is that people who use alternative paid-for services (and have no use for anything other than a local account), should not be able to use a local account that's setup to only access the paid-for services they use? What planet is this geezer on?

    Quote from linked article:
    8. Complete the transition from the Control Panel to PC Settings. I get this one, but it will never really happen. Instead, I expect a continued improvement of the number of options available in PC Settings. 277 votes.
    Or, how about just leaving the Control Panel alone for desktop users and leave the 'PC Settings' mess for tablet users?
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    Hi there

    I can't understand some of these people today who think everybody is 24 hrs a day connected to the internet -- we aren't all "Farcebook" users or spend 5 or more or more hrs a day yabbering away or looking at mobile phones.

    Some applications require a SECURE NON NETWORK connected PC with NO INTERNET connection at all. I'd imagine some INTERNAL military / CIA type applications or even some Medical or Banking applications might require "Secure PC's".

    Not everybody is 24 hr / wants to be / is required to be or wants to be 24 hrs connected to the internet.

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    Why a lock screen on desktops? I've disabled mine in registry but don't understand why any desktop power user or consumer needs the pretty picture.

    If you want to give us pretty pictures, give us a bigger collection of the spectacular backgrounds for Desktop slideshow - which has a good start with 20 of them by default. But there are 120 of those pics available now I've collected here: Microsoft services
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    Yea I don't get the lock screen either but it might be a good option for some but there should be an option to turn it off :/

    Yep start menu BG color options/ text size at the least and text on the right column where the icons are,

    Single file would also be nice for icons but I'm not a fan of icons on the start menu at all but the options should at least exist in an Easy way

    Charms are silly the top right once I disabled because that is also where every Close window "X" is very annoying to hit the sill charm by accident and be blocked from closing
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    Without the lock screen how do you exit from your account with out totally logging off? I share my computer with other people and i don't want them accessing my account
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeShades View Post
    Without the lock screen how do you exit from your account with out totally logging off? I share my computer with other people and i don't want them accessing my account
    You end up at the log on screen like you did in every previous version of Windows that had networking, I also do not like the Microsoft account. My data stays on my hard drives thank you very much. I am lucky to have a fast connection but I do know what it is like when the network goes down. Happened to me at my old job, we were totally web based and when it crashed one day we had to revert to paper and pen. If I had not printed my work out I would have been screwed. Bring back Aero while you are at it, plus just what is wrong with these people? The new ICONS are horrible. Give me my 1024 color icons not something a child drew in nursery.
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