Windows 9: Virtual desktops get a video tour  

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    Windows 9: Virtual desktops get a video tour

    Windows 9: Virtual desktops get a video tour

    Posted: 12 Sep 2014

    A month ago, Neowin was able to exclusively reveal that virtual desktops would be coming to Windows 9 - and if there was any doubt about that, it can safely be put to bed today.

    The folks over at, a German Windows site, have gotten their hands on a build and, like the Start menu videos earlier, this one shows off new features. As you can see in the video above, virtual desktops will play a key part of the Windows 9 productivity experience.
    By clicking on the multi-desktop icon, it brings up the open desktops and allows you to jump between them. By clicking the appropriate button, you can add a new desktop; it is not clear if there is a cap on the number of desktops that can be added, but the video shows numerous desktops being added without Windows indicating that a limit has been reached.
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    z3r010's Avatar Posted By: z3r010
    12 Sep 2014

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    Nothing new here OS/2 had it in Object desktop and Linux has it.
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    Well, at least Windows is finally getting it!
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    labeeman said:
    Nothing new here OS/2 had it in Object desktop and Linux has it.
    Actually, yes... there is something new here. Windows has not had virtual desktops because there were a lot of big technical hurdles. There have been various Virtual Desktop applications for years, but they all suffer from the same problems, which is that apps tend to "take over" their display...

    Most virtual desktop apps work by simply hiding apps they don't want on the current desktop. Well, any app can show itself at any time, and they can override the virtual desktop and make this a huge pain.

    Sysinternals released a virtual desktop manager several years ago call Desktops that uses the built-in Windows virtual terminal interface (used with terminal services and the like) to create actual, real virtual desktops. This app too had its quirks because you couldn't move apps from one desktop to another, because Windows was not designed to use the API this way.

    I'm assuming that Microsoft has finally extended the Windows Station API to allow moving apps between desktops in the same user session, which would be huge.. and make virtual desktops truly usable, stable, and reliable in Windows, which they haven't traditionally been. On top of that, this gets around a huge headache in Windows, which is known as the Desktop Heap Exhaustion problem, which is where when you run too many apps you run out of GDI and USER resources, despite having plenty of memory. Desktop Heaps are allocated on a per Window Station basis, so by having multiple desktops, that mans you can run a lot more apps without running out of resources.

    So yes, this is a big deal. And it's also fundamentally different from the way that Linux or MacOS have done desktops.
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    Mystere said:

    So yes, this is a big deal. And it's also fundamentally different from the way that Linux or MacOS have done desktops.
    Lets hope so I did not like the others.
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    I use VirtuaWin + KvasdoPager.
    It works almost identically to virtual desktops in (old) Ubuntu and Linux Mint MATE.
    For example, you can drag programs to different different desktops.

    The only issue I've noticed is that some programs appear on every desktop (e.g. VMware Workstation and Process Explorer).
    Rainmeter also appears on every desktop (but that is a good thing).
    Everything else appears only on the desktop it was opened on.
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    Well I must live under a mushroom, that feature looks pretty interesting.

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    You see, this is what I was waiting for. More tidbits falling from
    the net all the time. I am starting to relish at the thought of being
    able to experience this new OS. I haven't had that pleasure since
    Windows 7 came out. W8 had nothing I wanted or needed.

    Thanks to the Admin for the opportunity to view more of W9 or Threshold.

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    But utterly whoa because the view where you hover over the Desktop thumbnails where all the open windows are aligned....
    Windows 9: Virtual desktops get a video tour-multimonitor-1.png
    I thought of this back in January this year when I had some damn good ideas for a new window display manager setup, this is where if you have multiple monitors and wanted to move some windows around, that's the view it would go to. Very very similar to what the virtual desktops seem to act like... Cool!

    Also, more Desktop iconography was shown, YES!! No more Aero! And has anyone noticed the new window animation? It just fades down. Neat. The other thing I've noticed that I already do with every single deployment of Windows 8, size down the window border padding to as little as it can go. In 9, it seems like they did just that.

    I should become a UI/UX designer.
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    I wander if new Stat Menu would turn Win7 fans around: Watch a video of Windows 9 in action -- See the new Start menu and more
    If true even I might get to like Start menu. The old type was practically unusable after 100 or so programs were installed.
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