I recently had to roll back to a working drive image because of a botched RAM upgrade corrupting Windows 10.

I was running Ubuntu 18.04 successfully under Hypervisor, with daily use of USB thumb drives appearing under Shared Devices as letter J: .

However, after re imaging my system to the July image (a good working image) Ubuntu would no longer start and so I deleted it and used Quick Create again to build a new Ubuntu VM. Everything went as usual during the setup, except that it will no longer mount USB flash drives.

The "Disks" application under Ubuntu doesn't see anything but the virtual hard disk it's installed on.

I don't recall doing anything special during the relatively automatic installation process in order to make USB drives visible, so I'm totally baffled by this problem and have been researching and working on it since mid-August. But it seems that even the LINUX folks are finding it baffling that the OS cannot access the flash drives.

I'm thinking it's some obscure setting in Hypervisor that didn't get set properly this time around, thus making USB off limits to the VM, but I've been over the settings at least 40 times in the past month and cannot figure out what's different this time around.

Anyone with a working Ubuntu VM care to share the settings for the Hypervisor?