I may have a bit to do with that. :)

Windows 10 Mobile Already Running on 1 Million Phones-img_0189.jpg

(They're not all mine BTW)

The 'four of a kind' are 630, 635, 640XL & 640. They're all on 10.0.10586.36 though because I got fed up with waiting for the public release. It seems stable so I'm not sure why they're holding back, the only problem I've come across is the second language keyboard wouldn't download (it just kept saying 'Attention Required'), but that's since been sorted.

If anyone's interested, the carry case in the middle is a Go Travel Passport Wallet (non RFID blocking), and the strap is an unravelled Paracord Bracelet tied with a double fisherman's knot, as the standard strap was a bit short over winter jumpers.