Looking for a real-time audio normalizer

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    Windows 10

    Looking for a real-time audio normalizer

    Hey all. I often watch podcast videos with multiple guests. Often when each guest talks their volume levels are all over the place - one can be super loud, one is ok, one is super quiet.

    After some Googling the normal solution is enabling the loudness equalization option in sound properties under the enhancements tab, but I'm not seeing that tab.

    So I'm normally manually adjusting the volume during viewing the videos. Does anyone know of any software options that can in real-time normalize the audio?
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    You are not seeing enhancements tab because (1) you either have outdated audio driver that is not suitable for recent releases of windows 10 or (2) you have new type of audio driver that move the audio enhancements to a separate app that is downloadable from the Microsoft Store.
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    Win 11

    I don't think the "loudness" function will really do it unless its acting as a compressor. Compression (compressor) is what makes low volumes louder and too loud volumes softer and sort of equalizes all the volumes.
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    I'm pretty sure the loudness thing is just compression, and it does work very nicely for making quiet parts louder. I don't know what sound setup you have, but for me, using the onboard realtek (on my MSI B450 board) I have to use an older HDA (not UAD) driver to have the Enhancement tab where loudness equalization would be. All the newer ones strip that out unless I install extra third party apps (Nahimic) to put it back...and I don't/won't because it is notoriously buggy/broken and generally crap. So I run (the 132.9 MB one) realtek HDA driver version (8228, 8308 also worked, and all 3 sound great).

    On my ASRock B450 board, the enhancement tab is there and works with newer drivers, but the old "Make Front and Rear output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneously" is missing, so I still use the older driver anyway. Both boards have the same Realtek ALC892 codecs/chips.

    More info on your sound specs would help. Realtek onboard? Which one? Which motherboard exactly? Which version of Windows 10 assuming it is 10? Do you care about using a third party app like Nahimic or prefer to keep it simple and use Realtek driver only?

    sandyt said:
    ...or (2) you have new type of audio driver that move the audio enhancements to a separate app that is downloadable from the Microsoft Store.
    It could be just that. I don't use the UAD drivers but depending on your motherboard, maybe you just need the Realtek Audio Control from the Store? Note the poor reviews on that thing though. That's why I just use the HDA driver that already has the control panel instead of UAD that depends on the Store to get it.
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    Quexos said:
    Note the poor reviews on that thing though. That's why I just use the HDA driver that already has the control panel instead of UAD that depends on the Store to get it.
    Note the distribution of the ratings --- it's either 1 star or 5 stars. The 1 star rating didn't get the app to install properly.

    NOTHING to do with the rating of the actual app itself.
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    No, it's not just installed or wouldnt install, but there are a lot for which it would not install. That's what happened when I tried to "embrace what they wanted me to use" and get it to test the MSI supplied UAD driver and Nahimic a year or so ago. It just kept saying you already have this app, but....I didn't, or "803FB005 error". It (Windows Store) was nothing but fail for both the Realtek app and Nahimic.

    I eventually got it all installed with just the right driver version that I have since forgotten, and just the right Nahimic version for that specific driver version and all to find out that Nahimic was adding absolutely nothing worthwhile. Just crappy sound effects that the older Realtek drivers already had and did better without running third party apps and services all the time.

    I think this guy pretty much nailed it in his review:

    I keep uninstalling this app, but for some dadgum reason it keeps reinstalling itself. Its broken. You have to use a very specific driver from two laptop manufacturers. Which by the way immediately get erased and overwritten by windows update, breaking this app. Sounds like someone's just throwing fecal matter against a wall and seeing if it magically becomes "art".
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    Windows 10

    Your case is a special case because you are using LTSB and you refused to install Nahimic.

    And the review, I read it to mean that he tried to force to install a driver that is not for his computer model so that he could install this app and windows 10 overwrites it to an appropriate driver, breaking the app.
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    I am using LTSB and good old HDA drivers now. I run lots of things at different times, including every version of Windows 10 and even 7, or Linux. I was using Enterprise 1903 to have the Store when I tried to test all this relevant to the OP (UAD driver + Nahimic to replace the missing enhancement tab). Why do you feel the need to bicker with anything I post across multiple threads? Just post your advice/opinion and move on? Let the OP make up his/her own mind?


    1. I like to use the HDA driver that already has the Realtek Control Panel rather than endlessly fight with the Store and Windows Updates hijacking the driver.

    2. I like to use the older drivers that are full featured without fighting with Nahimic/Creative/whatever to get "Enhancements".

    3. I am listening to see if the OP prefers to use something else like UAD or third party apps.

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    Windows 10

    And as I said you have a special case that doesn't apply to 99% of the population.

    YET every comment you post is about it. And you INSIST that you are not ranting.

    Quote:" I am just talking about it to give info if someone else has the same concerns I do with a similar configuration."

    NOBODY has your configuration. Find me another soul on this planet that has a LTSB and refuse to install Nahimic.
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    See my previous post. I'm done with you sandyt.
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