Nightblade Mi.2 audio driver problems! Please help!! :-)

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    Nightblade Mi.2 audio driver problems! Please help!! :-)

    I have a problem with the sound driver for my MSI Nightblade mi.2
    Note: I don't want to use Nahimic for any reason, because I just need clean audio and I don't want there to be a background program that uses RAM and CPU to improve the sound.
    Everything starts from a fairly simple problem: in some games the audio is interrupted and cut especially when there are many effects (explosions, voices, background noises); example in CoD during bombing / frenzied fighting. In this situation the flaw occurs in Battlefield and CoD but not in World of Warcraft.
    To try to solve the problem I immediately uninstalled Nahimic and then I followed these steps:

    1. installed the latest Realtek HDA driver, downloaded from here (dated January 2020). In this situation nothing improves in the games mentioned above and in addition the problem also occurs in World of Warcraft (explosions, background noises and various sounds in the background are interrupted).

    2. installed the original driver (without Nahimic) downloaded from the MSI website. The driver is old (2015) and I have not yet been able to try it in games but right away he has problems with the microphone in Teamspeak and Discord (the voice is strongly disturbed).

    I have searched around the internet but I have seen that there are plenty of versions of the Realtek HDA driver, however I do not find a version suitable for my MSI that is more recent, that is not linked to Nahimic and that does not present compatibility problems.
    At this point I wanted to know which driver to download, and which version to install. Can I do without nahimic? What configuration should I use to not have audio problems in games?
    My version of Windows is the latest (Nov 2019) and I have applied all subsequent patches. I use headphones and use them attached to the front connectors.
    My Nightblade has i7 6700 CPU, a GTX 1070, 16 Gb of RAM.

    Thanks for any replies.
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    Download nightblade mi3 realtek driver and see if it installs. Go to nahimic's website, download nahimic 2.5.35 and see it installs.


    Download nightblade mi3 8th realtek driver and nahimic 3 from the app store.
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    Thanks sandyt.
    I solved in another way. I make it short. In the past few days, to start solving the stuttering problem, I had documented myself and a technical website suggested changing the boot parameters regarding sync and latency. I changed them two days ago. Last night, however, I installed the correct REALTEK + NAHIMIC driver (the same you suggested), downloaded from MSI, updated only the driver through the MSI Update application. Result? Aside from Nahimic who doesn't open unless you insist 5 times, I've got a general operating system lag (seemed slower than usual), heavily disturbed audio in Discord and graphic stuttering in all games. A disaster.
    At that point I remembered those parameters (luckily); I reset the boot via bcedit to the default values, uninstalled Nahimic and the related Realtek driver. Restarted and let Windows install the correct driver, via Windows Update. Boom!

    Everything works perfectly. No audio boost but zero stuttering problems and a perfectly working system (including games and discord).
    Moral: usually better to use the manufacturer's drivers, but in the case of MSI (and specifically the systems they have assembled) it's better to update and maintain drivers using Windows Update, especially audio drivers (because Realtek has too much versions).
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    Moral of the story is that you messed with bios settings and then blamed it on realtek/nahimic.

    One thing has nothing to do with another.

    Now that you reset your bios to default values, you can reinstall realtek and nahimic drivers.
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    Sorry if I bother you, but your answer doesn't seem very polite.
    Let me defend myself...

    First, I have NOT touched any BIOS parameters. BCedit stands for Boot Configuration editor and is used to configure Windows boot not at BIOS level but at software level. If you read my first email correctly, I started to touch drivers and boot parameters just because the Realtek + Nahimic combination had problems. From what I've read in most forums, this combination is unpopular and many people advise to avoid it. Warning, I'm talking about Nahimic v2 which is the only one available for processors up to Kabylake. Nahimic v3 requires Coffelake processors. I've a 6700k so I'm on Skylake chipset -> Nahimic v2.

    After finding the solution on my own, I thought I'd bring my experience to everyone who tries to get out of the way with Nahimic and the Realtek drivers installed by MSI.
    I also specify that with Nahimic I had stuttering problems, although it was the latest version available with the correct Realtek driver and MSI certified.
    For this reason, before uninstalling everything and trying the official Microsoft way, I had modified 3 boot parameters via bcedit, which were declared as a possible solution to lags and audio stutterings, with Realtek and Nahimic sound cards installed. Sometimes, doing and undoing, trying and trying again, is the best way to get out of trouble.

    Finally... no, I suggest to avoid Nahimic if you can't use the latest version, because v2 is DOA and it hasn't any kind of support from Volute. Next time MSI will update his Realtek driver, Nahimic should stop working, so be warned.

    I hope I have been useful to someone ... or that this post will be useful in the future.

    Thanks anyway for your answer and ... peace, love and ice cream!
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