I bought 2 pairs of Wireless Bluetooth Headphones to compare: A pair of TaoTronics TT-BH22 and a pair of Betron HD800.
I also bought an EkoBuy® Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle Adapter for PC. I used the CD that came with it to download the necessary drivers (which worked).
Side Note: Both Headphones connect and sound perfectly with my Phone and Tablet.

-The Betron headphone headpones are recognised on my PC and they connect well. It sounds fine also, nothing is quiet or odd about audio.
But the TaoTronic headphones are odd. It does connect and is recognised by my PC, but the sound is quiet. Research showed me that its to do with Hands-Free Audio that is selected in the playback devices, and that it needs to be changed to the default/standard version.

I have tried re-pairing, reinstalling usb, restarting pc and re-pairing. Nothing seems to be making the TaoTronics display the 'normal sound' setting like the Betrons. I actually got lucky with the TaoTronics yesterday and it did show the option and sounded correct. But after closing PC to go eat, turning it back on along with headphones, it was back to square 1 with only the quiet sound.

See Image for explanation: https://imgur.com/a/xrF0xUV

Also, why cant my PC read bluetooth devices? Clearly I was able to connect the USB as shown by red arrows. Its an old Gaming PC (2013) that I believe does not support Bluetooth, hence why I bought the USB. Tried the TaoTronics on another PC and Adding Bluetooth Device actually recognized the headphones which was odd...

-Spoke to Microsoft and they told me it could be the frequency of the TaoTronics and that I need to get it replaced. Although the Betrons work fine? Is it a faulty pair?

Any insight/help would be highly appreciated as this has been driving me nuts and I cant seem to enjoy my new headphones. Spent and wasted a whole day yesterday figuring out how to fix it!