influencing cpu load Solved

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    influencing cpu load

    During video conversion the cpu load raises close to 100%. Because of high cpu temperature I reduce the load to 50% using Battle Encoder Shiraz. Works fine.
    Recently I discovered the following setting: settings, system, power&sleep, additional power settings, change plan settings, process power management, maximum processor state, there I put setting at 50%.
    Now I see that in spite of this last setting cpu load still is 100% during conversion.
    Any idea why this setting does not work?
    Therefore I still continue to use Battle Encoder Shiraz; that works.
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    Hi, that's a useful setting.. I've just used it for exactly the same reason. Not that the CPU was getting terribly hot- this laptop has specially good ventilation (and is relatively new).

    But using that did indeed reduce CPU load from 99.9% to under the 80% I set, and stopped the fan running hard.

    Battle Encoder Shiraz is pretty unique.

    It might be a matter of low level compatibility under Win 10... just a guess.. yours is probably an older desktop as you mention Win 7. However this feature has existed since at least Win 7.

    Power Options - Add or Remove
    - this mentions a relationship between virtualisation in the BIOS and the option being available or not.
    This does suggest looking at this a different way- if sthg were amiss somehow, could the function be disabled, but the option still present? You could check your BIOS to see if virtualisation is enabled- if not, it's not that that's stopping this working.

    - which video conversion program are you using? Does it use CUDA - GPU acceleration?
    I did some conversion with such programs and the fan wasn't running.
    The program I'm currently running does not support CUDA, and I very quickly found the fan was running.
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    If you have high CPU temperature you need to check the heatsink to be sure its not clogged with dust and reapply thermal paste to the processor, I would even invest in a better cooling option like a heatpiped heatsink, which are almost silent and will keep your processor running at decents temperatures.
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    In my system, shown in my System Specs, it works. Setting the maximum processor state to 50% brings my i7-4790K down to 1900 MHz, which is approx. half of its factory non-turbo default speed (4 GHZ).

    Here's my favorite stress test, encoding, at the state of max = 50%

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	half.png 
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    And here it is, running at its full potential, on my per-core OC : x50 x50 x49 x48, cache x44

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	nor.png 
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Size:	284.1 KB 
ID:	107151

    So, it works.
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  5.    23 Oct 2016 #5

    Thanks for all reactions so far. I realize that setting max. processor state works for others.
    To answer some questions: I use Freemake or Handbrake. In principle Cuda could work there, but not for my rather old videocard (GTS 450). Conversion at 100% cpu load for for instance 20 minutes raises the temperature rather high, so I prefer a 50% cpu load during a longer time. Thermal paste was recently replaced. Since the conversions or DVD rips have a frequency of about once per 3 weeks, the urge to replace videocard or improve cooling conditions is not big. I can live with it.
    I will check the suggestions of dalchina, but donot understand that virtualisation in the Bios might be an issue, but I will check it. I donot use that.
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    First, virtualisation was not set in the Bios. When I put the max. processor state at 50%, I did not check the value of the minimum processor state. It appeared to be 100%. Setting this value to 5%, things changed but not the way I want. I use as a temperature monitor RealTemp which also monitors the cpu rate (MHz). What appears? Max. processor state at 50% halves the cpu rate for ALL processes and the PC becomes slow. Max. processor state does not provide a limitation for only high cpu loads and is therefore not an alternative for Battle Encoder Shiraz, which limits the load for those specific processes you set.
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    Hi, you asked
    Any idea why this setting does not work?
    - no one suggested it was equivalent or an alternative to the pretty unique Battle Encoder Shiraz.

    Unless you can find sthg else that answers your question (I can only quote the article, not justify it) it seems no one else who's read this has any ideas. You might yet get an answer. Good luck!
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