Windows 10: Is water cooling quieter?

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       10 Mar 2015 #31

    SARCASM. The noise from the fans can easily be removed by careful adjustment of the hifi volume control while playing music of ones choice. There a 4 computers, 2 to the left and 2 to the right with multiple fans and I rarely hear them. In the winter less so. In the summer with ceiling fan on stun, AC on stun and fans running higher on stun I can hear them and adjust volume accordingly. A good option is of course to use good quality fans and as many as the case will take and run them slowly.
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    ignatzatsonic said: View Post
    ...The last I heard, Asus had the best fan control package...
    I can't say for sure either but, based on my own experience, ASUS' onboard fan control is excellent. I see no point in using anything else unless you have enough fans to make the machine fly.
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  3.    10 Mar 2015 #33

    personally I use Noctua brand fans for replacing any noisy case fan or CPU fan. Most of my units (7 of them) are dead silent.
    On my gaming unit i use a Noctua NH-U9B SE2 92mm CPU Cooler as shown here

    It looks daunting to install, but it really isn't, and it is dead silent and keeps my CPU very cool.
    My noisiest unit is my laptop, not much I can do there.
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       11 Mar 2015 #34

    In my desktop I have 11 fans running, and in total they make about as much noise as a big ol' tom cat purring!

    My CPU fan is the original (OEM) fan that came with my AMD CPU, back in 2005.
    Once a year I tear down my system and clean and oil all my fans.

    "Maintenance" is the key word!

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  5.    11 Mar 2015 #35

    Water Cooler removed due to noise.

    My Corsair H series CPU only water cooler was so loud and it only bought me 200MHz overclocking than using air. I put back in my CoolerMaster EVO air cooler and turned down the o/cing a couple of notches. With my case having a low fan setting and quiet fans everywhere, my computer is completely noiseless. Having the ASUS AC2 GTX 980 graphics card helps as well as it is extremely quiet. My power supply does not even run its fan unless it is stressed (and it is never stressed, heh).
    EDIT After reading the comment below, I should have said "under load" which includes things like using Handbrake or playing a game. The Corsair fans get really loud. I tried quieter fans but they did not pull enough air to cool the radiator.

    My take? Water cooling not worth it for the latest generation of Intel chips. They just do not have the headroom to overclock enough to warrant water cooling.
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       12 Mar 2015 #36

    My Corsair H60 with 4 fans (push-pull) works quietly except when the CPU is under heavy stress. Counting with the video card ones I have 8 fans in my rig.

    ASUS' onboard fan control is excellent.
    That's true ! I love ASUS fans optimization wizard !

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       12 Mar 2015 #37

    I have tinnitus, a constant ringing in both ears. I never hear my computer noise......
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    Dude said: View Post
    You could also add sound insulation to help make it more quiet Chuck.
    Hey dude, are these available on Amazon?
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  10.    14 Mar 2015 #40
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