Can't connect to Miracast

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  1.    06 Sep 2016 #11

    Hi there

    I suspect this is an ugly DRM problem -- Hollywood / Netflix and other people are getting so paranoid about "Pirating" etc and also with ultra 4K UHD (and soon even 8K UHD) TV available who'se going to sit in a movie theatre with a load of young kids messing around on mobile phones etc during a movie.

    Windows 10 seems to have more Miracast etc. type of restrictions than W8 - a get around sometimes is to use a CHEAP (the expensive ones have DRM protection) HDMI splitter and then you might find Miracast "magically starts working again".

    Even if you only have or are using 1 HDMI slot on your TV the splitter still works --just leave the second output empty. In this case the splitter simply removes DRM - but you must use the unbranded cheap Chinese ones -- expensive ones keep the protection.

    A branded cheap one that works (I use it on a SKY Q box to record programs on to TV via a capture device ) is the NEET powered one -- cost around 17 EUR for 1080p pass thru splitter (2 way) or around 29 EUR for the 4K pass thru.

    Neet 2 WAY Hdmi Splitter 3D Full HD 1080P 2x1 HUB Switch BOX Genuine Neet Cables | eBay

    for 1080p this works a treat even on SKY Q boxes which are absolutely RIDDLED with DRM. Note UK price includes wallet busting 20% VAT which outside UK / EU you won't have to pay.

    All these DRM restrictions don't actually stop piracy or file sharing --they just cause more aggro for LEGITIMATE users --after all you wouldn't expect to be told when you buy a car to only use a particular gas station to fill up would you. !!

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  2.    01 Oct 2016 #12

    I had this problem on an older desktop computer that had a 2nd generation I7 processor and a 2011-era motherboard. The solution was simple. It required upgrading the hardware, primarily the display adapter and the wireless network adapter. My research showed that I needed an Nvidia display adapter that had the "Maxwell" technology and an Intel based network adapter. I was able to resolve all of my Miracast problems by getting an Nvidia Geforce GTX 950 video card and an Intel Desktop Wireless Adapter-AC-7260. After installing both items, Miracast started working.
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  3.    25 Mar 2017 #13

    abalaandrea said: View Post
    Hello, i just upgraded to Windows 10 so i can connect to Miracast on my LG Smart TV.

    Whenever i try to connect my tv, it's either my wifi disconnected or my monitor sleeps then turns on again.
    I checked if my PC supports Miracast & it says it's available, I know the problem is with my computer because i can connect my android phone to the tv, although i tried everything yet i can't seem to find the problem. help?
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    Is your problem fixed?, this thread seems inactive.
    To see if your device supports miracast: press 'start button' and 'p' at the same time if you see 'project to a wireless display' you do have miracast.

    Assuming you have miracast.
    Go to settings devices and printers, the connected devices, click on your TV the click remove device.
    restart your computer.
    try connecting to a wireless display as above with wifi on, and wifi off
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  4.    12 Apr 2017 #14

    I am having the same problem.

    I have, per the last instructions, removed the offending device.

    I then navigate to the WIN 10 Devices page to confirm it is gone. Secondly I navigate to "connected Devices" and it is not there either.
    The Device is a wide screen TCL ROKU Smart TV 4k edition. In the TV settings I have confirmed it is connected to the correct WiFi that my PC is connected to. Screen Mirroring is enabled.

    The Problem:
    I go to the Action Center, expand the icon listing to see both "Connect" and "Project". I click on Project and do not see my device. I click on "Connect to a wireless display". I see only my two bluetooth headsets and sometimes I will see my LG soundbar connected to the TV. The TV itself does not appear.

    That screen has an option for "Find Other Types of Devices". Which, in what I am getting used to as MS Win 10 going into its "I have no idea what's going on..." loop, I get sent back to the "Connected Devices" pane of Settings.

    NOW, here I try to "Add a Device" and... wait for it... It finds the device labeling it as an "Entertainment Device", runs through it's progress bar (doing whatever Win 10 does when this happens), and the device shows up on the "Connected Devices" list.

    Now is when I get ready to bail on WIN 10 as absolute junk. The thing still won't show up as a wireless display that I can cast to.

    Per DXDIAG and the netsh command for such things my system is capable of wireless displays.

    What the heck.
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       12 Apr 2017 #15

    "Connect" and "Project" don't work.
    Edge will work if it's something that can be cast (miracast), i.e. video or photo.
    Photo Viewer might work, too.
    Look for "Cast media to device", when Edge is looking at a video or picture.

    Wifi direct requires that the TV only have wifi enabled, there is no router involved, hence the name "wifi direct".
    On my Sony TV, it will override what ever is being shown on the TV. Sometimes have to turn the TV off to reset.
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  6.    13 Apr 2017 #16

    Thank you. Very informative. But as I was trying to cast some TV over to the Smart TV from my PC using KODI. This is a significant, albeit annoying issue. Now I need to figger out how WiFi direct works
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  7.    18 Apr 2017 #17

    It may be stupid, but make sure your TV is connected to the same Wifi as your laptop or PC.
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  8.    20 Apr 2017 #18

    Never stupid, but, in my earlier post I did state that my connected devices pane "saw" the T.V.
    I am pretty sure it could not unless the WIN 10 PC and the TV were on different networks.

    Also when I check the network settings on the TV it is on the correct network.
    There is another issue. Earlier someone posted that the "Project/Connect" functions just don't work in Win 10.

    With that I did notice that some APPS can broadcast to the TV. With that in mind I found the ROKU Media player app. That APP can see the KODI app folders on my PC. I am beginning to believe that in WIN 10 apps have to exist on both ends to allow "screen casting" to function, say an transmitter and a reciever app, but no.... Tube Cast requires no receiver app. iit just works.

    Wierd Stuff. But, It's Micropsoft. They are so crappy they could screw up a whores wet dream.
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  9.    07 Feb 2018 #19

    I wanted to jump onto this old thread to let people know I found a simple solution for connecting a Windows 10 pc to a wifi display, using the Connect app in the notification area. When you click Connect, check you Anti-Virus app for Firewall connections. You will see the new connection listed as Public. Switch that to Private and it worked for me...worth a try. I struggled for weeks with this problem.
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  10.    15 Feb 2018 #20


    Seems to be a number of steps missing here mackjay. When I click "connect" in my notification area I never see any firewall or Anti- Virus app things. So I am missing something here.
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