Kari said:
No, that's OK. Understandable.

@scopio, you need to upgrade to O365 Home.

Many thanks to @Kari and indeed to @Brink for the clarification.

What made me post this thread was that I have a friend asking if it was possible to share Microsoft Office 365 Personal with his wife but keeping Outlook emails separately. He said that he knew someone else who has done this but I am not sure that this other person has Microsoft Office 365 Personal package I am sure that they must have the Family package as they are not computer savvy.

I did tell him that if the other person had Microsoft Office 365 Personal then they are in breach of the EULA.

Now I can proof to him that what he wants to do is illegal and in breach of EULA.

I totally agree with @Brink "that anything that violates the EULA would not be allowed to be posted."

Thanks for your clarification.

I will mark this post as Solved as it is illegal to share a Microsoft Office 365 Personal.