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Oh so true!
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Also as more and more people are using Mobiles for things like Banking, payments etc - and with contactless payments via mobile being readily accepted in more and more places these days it's probably better to think about how you protect your Mobile rather than your desktop / laptop computer these days. Crooks certainly will start exploiting any loopholes in Android or Ios OS'es.

The same care needs to be taken in USING these devices too - just because it's a phone doesn't mean crooks aren't interested. These days you can really say that a mobile phone is a small computer that can do phonecalls --so exercise the same or even stronger care with these mobile phones as you do a computer --even more as these devices are usually left on most of the time.

BTW for Linux the same conditions apply for Boot -- GPT is needed for UEFI. Most Linux distros boot easily enough from GPT or MBR so long as your computer hardware supports the boot mode chosen (UEFI or Legacy Bios/MBR).