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Thanks for your advice Night Hawk. As an aside, I had a flashback as I read the above part of your post. Back in 1998, when I was given my first computer, a family hand-me-down being a Compaq Pentium 100, with 32MB of RAM (lol). I downloaded a trial piece of software called System Mechanic. I ran it and it said to delete the duplicate files it found, so I did. Darn computer would not start & myself not knowing anything about computers, I had to put it into the repair shop, which was expensive! Evidently, I had deleted some System Files. Thanks for the memory. lol
That must have been fun! Don;'t worry I think a good number of us end up trashing Windows at one time or another when first starting out or simply making a good in judgement like not looking ahead at something!

Glad I read your post as I have used CC on occasions but not yet with Windows 10. I see they have it optimized for 10 now but I will wait a while. Piriform News - CCleaner v5.09
Case in Point a look at the first thing you see when arriving at CCleaner's site there that should be an "attention grabber" right away.

...had CCleaner primed and ready for the release of Windows 10
For the release of 10! In order words that suggests prevoius versions weren't suitable for 10?! Or maybe going back one or two versions is all it takes to end up seeing it trash the new version.

Never assume anything especially with freebie apps when going to try out a newer version of Windows. Once a newer version comes out like 10 is now as far as retail paid for softwares go the support information is generally updated or you can get in touch with the support staff at times to make an inquiry. For the VIPRE Internet Security av program here the 2014 version simply refused to install on 10!

At first I thought was from the initial flaky bugged out upgrade where I did a fast repair install and still the 2014 would not go on. I ended up with the 2016 beta version until subsequently seeing the clean install that followed where the 2015 went right on without a fuss. So that right there shows the type of program did make the difference as far as which version of some program will actually install and run correctly on a particular version or as seen with Acronis T.I. Home 2010 it's still works well on 10.