Is There An "Aspect Ratio" Detail Column In Windows Explorer?  

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    Is There An "Aspect Ratio" Detail Column In Windows Explorer?

    Hello, so I've been using a certain method to edit images so they can match an exact aspect ratio (for my screen monitor) to be displayed as my wallpaper slideshow:

    Is There An "Aspect Ratio" Detail Column In Windows Explorer?-image.png

    As you can see, I have the "Dimensions" detail column to match up with the dimensions of what I need to edit the images to. Yet after editing many images, I want to make a quick look-through in an "Aspect Ratio" column, to make sure that all the edited images will match a "16:9" aspect ratio ( Aspect ratio calculator to get aspect ratio for your images or videos ). If you try to calculate these numbers at that site:

    Is There An "Aspect Ratio" Detail Column In Windows Explorer?-image.png

    then you will get that same "16:9" result.
    So I would love to have a column that shows that simplified ratio in a column next to the Dimensions column.
    I drew a rough draft of what that column would look like in Windows Explorer:

    Is There An "Aspect Ratio" Detail Column In Windows Explorer?-image.png

    Notice how I calculated the Aspect Ratio on the right side of the Dimensions for certain images? See how that last two that I typed show "8:5"? That is because if you simplify those dimensions using that calculator (the website link that I posted above), then you will get that aspect ratio. This "Aspect Ratio" column will help me notice which images I processed, which ones I didn't, AND which ones that I may have messed up editing. A messed up edit would be an image with dimensions of:
    1920 x 1081, which is an image with an aspect ratio of: ...1920 x 1081! It is obviously a number that will stand out, and I will notice it, so I would re-edit that image to the correct the dimensions (hence aspect ratio) that I need.

    So, does Windows Explorer have anything like this?
    (and please, I only want to know if Windows Explorer has something like this. I do not want to use any 3rd party application.)
    (Also I am aware of the application "Dimensions 2 Folders". It is a very useful application and definitely checks every image in a folder to tell if there's a wrong aspect ratio, but I barely run that application, and run it once in a while in my wallpaper folder [currently has over seventeen thousand images], to make sure that every single image has the 16:9 aspect ratio. Yet the "Aspect Ratio" column in Windows Explorer is much more convenient.)

    Thanks for all the help! Much appreciated!
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    I don't believe so.

    However a decent wallpaper program will have options to crop or adjust an image to fit. Just a thought.
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    pepanee said:
    So, does Windows Explorer have anything like this?
    If it did, wouldn't it be one of the available choices shown on the menu, just like "dimensions"?

    I'm unaware of any such choice, but I don't know of any other location where that control might be found.

    They are in alpha order. I see nothing near "aspect".
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Is There An "Aspect Ratio" Detail Column In Windows Explorer?-untitled-1.jpg  
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    dalchina: Yes, there's some programs out there to do that, yet I manually adjust each image so it doesn't crop out anything on the edge which would make the photo look a little strange. My layout of editing the images is through Microsoft Paint, and I have a certain macro which moves the mouse to certain dimensions, yet there are some very rare errors. It's a complicated layout to explain on here.

    ignatzatsonic: Yes. I was really hoping that I can find the "Aspect Ratio" in that list. First thing I tried to find was... "Aspect Ratio" lol. But thought that Microsoft could have it named as something else, or maybe there is a term that I don't know about, which would show some very similar data for each image. I made this thread to see if someone knows of something, in that image of that list that you posted, that is like "Aspect Ratio". Honestly, I'm surprised that Microsoft hasn't implemented exactly the "Aspect Ratio" name and detail in Windows Explorer.
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    This question has been asked elsewhere:
    How to search for videos/images by aspect ratio with Windows 7 Explorer Search - Super User

    Note the Powershell approach.

    I note you asked a related question:
    A Picture "Aspect Ratio" Application
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    dalchina: I looked at the Superuser link you posted. That is all too complex and doesn't show as simple as in Windows Explorer.
    And also, yes! You found an old post I posted, with your link to the application I mentioned earlier. It's a very nice and useful application. As a matter of fact, I just made it look though the seventeen thousand images, and it found four images which don't have that 16:9 aspect ratio! So I made those four errors without noticing them. Yet information for this project is expanding, hence having an aspect ratio column will make this project even more precise.
    But thanks for the link for that application in that post. I still have the application and use it on an occasional basis, just like I did today.

    Yet do you think it's possible that someone can suggest this "Aspect Ratio" detail column to Microsoft so they can implement it into Windows. I believe that there may be a few people out there, other than me, that would find it useful!

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    The superuser link was really just for interest and to show this has been asked before without real resolution.

    Do feel free to use the Feedback Hub app to propose it, but bear in mind the aspect ratio appears to require computation, so may not have been included on that count.

    At some point such things become a little too specialised to be part of the O/S - which is exactly why applications are written. Originally the O/S simply provided a level of abstraction above the drivers, and offered some basic features. Applications then applied the resources provided by the O/S to do something useful at a higher level of abstraction.

    Users - especially new ones- are coming to expect Windows to provide everything... rather as a lot of people in the UK seem to regard 'the government' as an infinite source of free food, free laptops, subsidies etc. (Oops, that's political, sort of..!)
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    You could use XnView's details view it contains a ratio column you can sort by. It can also show all pictures in sub folders. I then select all pictures above and below my wanted aspect ration, right lick and select "Open with ..." my picture editor. You can also use a built in feature to batch crop them.
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    Thanks for the info, I prefer to use Windows Explorer in such event. But no worries, this is no longer a thing I'm looking to have resolved. I can use a certain app that can find the ratio of image files if I need to. I also can re-arrange the list of files by the dimensions and look at when there's a different dimension if needed.

    Thanks for the info
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    I was just looking for this as well- but just in case someone ever finds this thread, it's "Frame Height" and "Frame Width" you need as added columns.
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