Here is what I hoped for. A pinned program when clicked just gets underlined and when moused over shows windows active. It does not replicate it self filling the task bar. The shortcut settings pass any parameters to the program when started. I have read a lot about this and I was told if I create the shortcut from the program files location, instead of from the desktop right click, the pinned Icon will function correctly. This is true except for this one program, xplorer2. This program not only duplicates itself but it does not pass the shortcut parms and does not even show the correct icon. I have contacted the developer and his instructions for creating the shortcut as mentioned above were followed. Now in settings, taskbar, Combine taskbar buttons if this setting is Never, xplorer2 shows the duplicated Icon and show the correct icon and passes the startup parms correctly. Only when the setting is set to Always Hide Labels, does this one program have a problem. I have been told that this is a developer problem and he denies that. So, what is the solution or some other way to create the shortcut to get this problem solved.
The bad part is the shortcut does not pick up the passed parameters when labels are off. Double clicking the program desktop shortcut works perfect.
Win 10 ver 1909
Problem 2:

Excel 2010. The task bar icon works just great except for one thing. It shows a list of different spreadsheets I have icons on the desktop for, and the program for a new spreadsheet. I want this taskbar pinned to only one spreadsheet. Worked fine in windows 7. This defeats the one click pinned program advantage. This also points to a bad passing of shortcut parameters. In order to get the spreadsheet I want I have to right click the pinned taskbar Icon and select the spreadsheet I want and it does not duplicate itself on the taskbar.

Thanks for you help