Windows 10: Motherboard is dying?

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  1.    29 Jul 2017 #11

    If it were my computer, I would back up what I want to save and start with a fresh install, completely wiping the SSD before installing Windows. When you get to the first Windows setup screen (after booting from a Windows installation USB flash drive or DVD), press Shift + F10 to open a command prompt. Run:

    list disk
    select disk # <- replace the # with the actual disk number of the SSD you are going to install Windows on
    clean <- this will completely erase the disk selected above, make sure it was the right one!

    Then when you get to the choice, select the custom install option, on the next screen highlight the unallocated space on the drive you want to install to and click next to let Windows set it up.
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  2.    29 Jul 2017 #12

    You have bought a new motherboard without properly see what is the problem.
    For me in a similar situation the failure was not the motherboard but the psu +5 volt that has a failure so the hard drives and ssds have problems to work properly.
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  3.    29 Jul 2017 #13

    So, you agree that the install is corrupted?

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  4.    29 Jul 2017 #14

    I don't think so, because I tried to boot from an external Enclosure that has a separate power supply and it still would not boot
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  5.    29 Jul 2017 #15

    You can't use an external HDD for your OS.

    If you want to an external Windows OS, there is a portable version but it's only available as a Windows 10 Pro licence.
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  6.    29 Jul 2017 #16

    Well, this has me stumped and confused.
    See if someone can make sense of this.
    A while back, both of my hard drives would not show in the bios or during post, so I decided that my motherboard is bad. So I got me a new one, same make and model, because I did not want to invest in a new CPU or RAM or anything else that might be needed and I don’t want to call MS to activate again.
    So I installed the MB without any problem. Put all my stuff back in and tried to boot. No dice, it stopped at “Verifying Pool Data” just sat there curser blinking.
    After a few attempts to boot it finally started to boot, but tells me it encountered a problem and needs to reboot. It then did diagnostic and tried to repair the boot drive, but cannot.
    At this time my “C” drive is on channel 0 as master and my second drive (divided into D,E,F)is the slave. Both are SSD drives
    Then I remembered that I have a Macrium image on drive “E”and decided to re image the “C” drive.
    Booting with Macrium, I find the image, but it cannot find drive “C” to install it.
    Mind you both drives show in the BIOS and during POST. So I decided to install one of my old spinners in place of the “C” drive, Channel 0 master,and try again. Again the drive is not visible to Macrium.
    I decided to change drive “C” to channel 1 master and now I can restore the image and the computer booted.
    I have not yet tried to install the old SSD drive.
    Anyone know what is going on??
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  7.    30 Jul 2017 #17

    Can you tell us the make and model of the MB and the SSD drives? This may help us with the issue. Also you keep saying IDE channels. IDE SSD's are pretty rare and really not worth it since IDE limits speed to 133MB/s.
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  8.    30 Jul 2017 #18

    MB is Gigabyte 78LMT-S2P AND THE ssd's are both Crucial BX200 2.5 inch model CTX240BX200SSD1
    under standard CMOS Features, I have 3 channels (0,1,2) each with master and slave and it is called IDE Channel
    at integrated Peripherals I have set the OnChip SATA controller to Enable and below it says Sata Type that I can set to native IDE, or RAID, or AHCI it is set to native ide it was always set to native IDE

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  9.    30 Jul 2017 #19

    First you should change the SATA controller to AHCI mode otherwise you're not taking full advantage of the SSD's. Second, given the problems you are having, a clean install may be the way to go since you have a back up.
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  10.    30 Jul 2017 #20

    but I think you misread my post.
    my "C" drive was on channel 0 Master and even though it showed up in the bios and at post. it will not boot. after I changed it to channel 1 Master it works fine. something going on with my MB, I think
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