Windows 10: Is there a way to change the mouse polling rate

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  1.    29 Jul 2015 #11

    I'm not going to explain in detail why I love the WMO 1.1 and refuse to use anything else for competitive FPS games, you can look it up if you want, the mouse is famous within the counter-strike and quake communities for it's very raw feeling sensor.

    I've been overclocking my USB ports to 1000/500hz for many years without issue.

    I was not asking if I should "upgrade" my mouse, I was asking if the "unsigned 3rd party app" that I specified was functional in Windows 10. If it isn't then I will continue to use an operating system that doesn't limit my control over the USB polling rates.

    I am not alone in wanting to have this information confirmed.
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  2.    29 Jul 2015 #12

    Then on that front, you'll have to look into a community forum that actually supports such apps to overclock your USB ports and see if any users have had success using the app in Windows 10 without problems.

    Windows 10 just got released so it may still be to early for anyone using the new OS and such an app to give you any kind of real feedback, my point is this is not directly a Windows related problem.
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  3.    30 Jul 2015 #13

    I'm aware this is not the typical place to be discussing such applications. OP stated that he successfully got his mouse to poll at 1000hz within Windows 10, so I am asking him directly what application he used. I would have pm'd him if I didn't need 5 posts to do that.

    As you stated Windows 10 just came out and there is not much information or people out there who have tested this yet, I found someone who has and I'm asking him a simple question that is completely relevant to this thread's topic.

    This may be the wrong community to discuss such unsupported applications; but it is being discussed in this thread regardless. Please spare me your painfully obvious statements and attempting to police what people are allowed to discuss in an online forum.
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  4.    30 Jul 2015 #14

    LOL...very well put, let us know your results.

    I'm using a CM Storm Xornet @ 500Hz (built in switcher) so I don't need such an app, just so you know back in the XP days Windows use to allow polling rate change via Device Manager for PS/2 mouses.
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  5.    30 Jul 2015 #15

    Thanks for understanding Nemix. Sorry for being so blunt about it.

    The old MLT04 sensor mice from Microsoft have no doubt been surpassed in performance by modern sensors. The laughable 1.5m/s malfunction speed being the most obvious downfall. But I'm stubborn and I've yet to find a sensor that feels quite the same. I guess I'm just stuck in my old ways.

    Hopefully OP replies with good news. If it does prove to be impossible (as it has been since Win8) I will eventually be forced to retire my beloved WMO, as the games I play will also eventually require DX12 to run. A harsh reality indeed .
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  6.    30 Jul 2015 #16

    Krites said: View Post
    Did you use the usual "USB Mouse Rate Adjuster" that works in Windows 7? (pictured below)

    Attachment 26663

    If this works then that is great news! I thought I was going to be stuck on Windows 7 forever with my WMO 1.1

    Please confirm this as I can't risk upgrading without knowing I can run 500hz on Windows 10.

    Hi mate,

    found this thread, cause i did spend today upgrading to 10 and rollback straight back to 7.

    Reason: Intelli 1.1 doesnīt work @500Hz

    My PC Skills are pretty good i would say, but it doesnīt work with the "USB Mouse Rate Adjuster" Method, unlike in Windows 10 (dseo,test mode, install driver,sign system file yadayada)

    Save ur time mate, itīs a pain in the a$$

    Btw. if u are looking for another Mouse
    -Steelseries Kana (1st model) allthough said itīs a shitty sensor, feels good @800dpi, and u can get used to it after some ingame sens change , and it feels almost the same in ur hand)
    -Steelseries Sensei (LCD, and RAW) Both feel diffrent to the 1.1 but are really great sensors and almost feel the same in ur hand

    Still Intelli 1.1 ftw! Thumbs up!
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  7.    30 Jul 2015 #17

    Thanks so much for your reply cr3. This is exactly what I was looking for! I was about to bite the bullet and just try it myself, you just saved me the grief and a wasted afternoon, much appreciated!

    I'll check out the mice you suggested as I do plan on building a new computer in about a years time with DX12 in mind. Nice to know there are at least some viable mouse alternatives to the Intelli 1.1 out there. Thanks again for sharing.
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