So I did a clean install of Win10 1709 and I had a problem with some things which then it appeared that doing another clean install should fix them and it did. But now I just realized a new problem. I am using WUMT and I am getting the Windows updates, but I am not getting the Office 2010 updates at all. Then I looked and in Settings > Update& Security > Windows Update it says at the top "*Some settings are managed by your organization" so I clicked on View configured update policies and under Policies set on your device it says "Exclude drivers from Windows quality updates". Source Administrator. Type Group Policy

So I went to gpedit and I don't see anything popping out at me with this.

I went back a page and then clicked "Advanced Options" from the main page and under "Choose how updates are installed" the box is unchecked. So I tried putting a check, but the moment I leave the page and come back it is unchecked again.

Is there a fix to this or please do not say I have to do another clean install.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

There must be something I am missing, but I don't know.

EDIT: Well, now it is working. I have rebooted a few times, launches various programs and it is still active and I can see my Office 2010 updates. Wow, and I did nothing.