Running Windows 10, 1703.

I had an issue applying KB4041676 (which I resolved) but during the course of fixing that I ran the Windows update troubleshooter. I have no pending updates and my system is up to date according to Windows Update checker. But the troubleshooter said I did. It fixed the issue (supposedly).

For yucks I ran the Windows Update troubleshooter again. It appears to ALWAYS find pending updates and always fixes them. I now question the validity of the troubleshooter so wondered if there is a means to verify that updates are pending ... is there a registry entry I can reference?

I have also reset Windows update components using: A lengthy process. I removed an update and ran the update checker again and it appears to be working because it found the update to be applied and reinstalled it again.

I tried again the windows update troubleshooter and guess what ... it still finds an update pending and fixes it.

So ... anyone have any ideas or seen similar behavior? Just ignore the Windows update troubleshooter since my updates are working.