Windows 10: Win10 Update Problems Solved

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  1.    22 Oct 2017 #21

    You can try
    reagentc /enable
    works, then use my #2

    However you may find it doesn't.

    There is another clean-up procedure which should give you a set of valid partitions.

    Note: you cloned your HDD to a SSD. I believe that means you will not be using AHCI protocol for your SSD, which will then be slower. The normal procedure is to clean install to a SSD with AHCI enabled. It is possible to enable it subsequently but I've not done it myself.
    Enable AHCI in Windows 8 and Windows 10 after Installation Installation Upgrade Tutorials

    At this point I wouldn't worry about that.

    On the FCU- 1709- a small range of snags is emerging which suggests it's best to wait until the next major update of it from specific functional problems to driver update => incompatibility. Some of these are common, some only apply to some users. I'm in no hurry to upgrade. A number report they are happy with it. As time goes on I'd guess you'd be offered this rather than 1703.
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  2.    09 Nov 2017 #22

    Sorry for the long absence. It took longer than it should have for the HDD and USB 3.0 box to arrive, and when it did, the USB 3.0 box was not working, so more delay to get another. All are now working, and a disk image has been created.
    The following are the screens from SFCfix (it didn't work), and I let it communicate with their server.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SFCfix1.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SFCfix2.jpg 
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    When I run reagentc /enable, I get the following message:

    REAGENTC.EXE: The Windows RE image was not found.

    What should be my next step?
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  3.    09 Nov 2017 #23

    BTW, I believe AHCI is enabled. I vaguely remember jumping through some hoops when I cloned the HDD to the SSD to have it enabled. It IS faster than the HDD was, but it won't be stunningly fast as this laptop's interface only supports SATA III, and this is a SATA III SSD.
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  4.    10 Nov 2017 #24

    Hi, I would suggest you need to take a radical, surgical simplistic approach to clean this up.

    Summary: (please correct me if I'm wrong or missing sthg)
    a. Your disks are physically ok
    b. Your Windows partition is on your SSD (C:OS)
    c. Your Windows build is 1511 (i.e. very old)
    d. You have a slew of redundant partitions.
    e. You have a disk image of both disks.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Partitions.jpg 
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    I suggest the thing to aim for now is to get your SSD configured properly as your boot disk. The partitions should look something like that.

    Presently your OS partition is designated as Boot not System.

    This is what I suggest.
    a. Get a 1511 iso or boot disk - do you already have one?
    b. Create a Macrium Reflect boot medium and check it works.
    c. Remove or disconnect your HDD
    d. Erase your SSD - delete all partitions.
    e. Clean install 1511, making sure the new Windows partition is at least as big as your existing one.
    f. Check it boots ok.
    g. From your disk image, restore your existing Windows partition in place of the newly created one.
    h. Check it boots- it will need to run automatic repair which takes a while.
    Create a new base disk image.
    i. Create a Minitool Partition Wizard or similar boot disk, connect your HDD and boot your PC from the MT PW boot disk.
    j. Delete the 3 Windows partitions on it. (I'd prefer to do t that way rather than booting your PC with the HDD connected with those partitions present).
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  5.    10 Nov 2017 #25

    I have 2 bootable DVD's burned from ISO's that both claim to be Win 10 1511. HOWEVER, these disks are different sizes. One is 3.2 G, and the other 4.0 G. I am uncertain as to how to verify the disks and am a bit leery of them. One came from: Microsoft Windows 10 TH2 ISO Download • Windows ISO (the US English 64 bit download), and the other came from: OneDrive , which was referenced in a forum posting re: 1511.
    I am unable to find 1511 on Microsoft's site, and have been led to believe that Microsoft has removed it, at least from what's accessible via the MCT.
    If you could direct me to a known good (safe) ISO of 1511, it would be much appreciated.
    Am I correct in assuming that all the current drivers will be put back in place when I restore the Windows partition from the disk image back over the Windows partition from the clean install? If not, I have about 2 G of crap to download from Asus first. Not a problem, but a pain as the way the Asus site is set up you have to download each file individually.
    I'm assuming the imaging of the HDD is in case something goes awry when removing the system and recovery partitions from it?
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  6.    11 Nov 2017 #26

    Try #3 techbench
    Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk - Windows 10 Forums

    Microsoft Windows 10 TH2 ISO Download • Windows ISO

    You need to create an image so you have an image of your existing Windows partition to restore. As that, of course, contains the drivers, your question is answered.
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  7.    11 Nov 2017 #27

    Okay. Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk - Windows 10 Forums. This is a WinPE disk, correct? And I will need a Win 10-1511 to do a clean install onto the SSD, prior to dropping the image of the Windows partition into the new Windows partition on the SSD? Correct?
    Microsoft Windows 10 TH2 ISO Download • Windows ISO
    This is one of the Win10-1511 ISO's that I have burned to DVD, and is the one that I'll use for the clean install.
    Macrium rescue disk boots fine, after I had to play with the boot settings in the UEFI. I apparently had never booted from a DVD previously.
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  8.    11 Nov 2017 #28

    Prior to the installation of Windows onto the SSD, I am assuming that I will need to get rid of all those partitions. Am I correct is assuming that a simple erase or format isn't going to do it? Will diskpart do what I need, or would I be better off getting the Pro version of Minitool (or something else)? Looks like Minitool would be simpler to use and have more utility down the road, but I'm anxious to try to get this thing fixed this weekend when I have time to work on it.
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  9.    11 Nov 2017 #29

    Sorry to be a nuisance, but I don't think I've ever used diskpart. I used Fdisk a lot back in the day, but it's been quite awhile. I assume I'll need to use diskpart - clean to clear the SSD of all those partitions and everything else. I assume I'll need to create an active partition (the entire disk?), then use diskpart to format the disk with NTFS. Will I need to manually create any other partitions on the SSD, or will Windows take care of that during the installation? Reason I'm being so anal about all this is because this is my main machine and I'll be offline whilst I'm doing this.
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  10. Posts : 19,328
    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       12 Nov 2017 #30

    Please post 2 logs using a one drive or drop box share link:
    file explorer > view > check hidden items >click this PC > click local C: > in right upper corner copy and paste each of the above log files.
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