Windows 10: How to prevent downloading updates?

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  1.    22 Dec 2017 #11

    Thanks, but I want control of MY windows 10, not let them arbitrarily decide I NEED this update and they are going to go into my system and change all my settings to make it happen.
    I have used hide or show updates before and it USED to work, now since the upgrade it says it disabled both newer updates yet 1709 still insists on installing over again in the middle of the night. I HAD everything locked down, disbled updates, turned recovery off then set recheck to 365 days and turned off BIT service and did the same thing and yet again this morning it turned everything back in and downloaded the damned update and installed it.
    The alternatives for WMC do not support encrypted movie channels with a cable card so as far as I know this is my only option if I want to keep using my much faster box with 10.
    I have the Silicon Dust recorder beta and I HATE the GUI on it and the recording options as far as repeats and like that are limited and it still doesn't support DRM movie channels if I decide want to record one or watch it.
    I have a decent firewall and ant virus setup so not worried about updates as long as everything works the way I want it to. IF you know of a way to get show or hide updates to actually hider and block 1709 now I'd love to hear it as now I'll probably have to block updates with my firewall seeing how they keep turning all my settings back off and doing it anyways.
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  2.    23 Dec 2017 #12

    This is the best solution I’ve found for Home users. I just did this last week. So far no updates are being forced on me.
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  3.    23 Dec 2017 #13

    Well I've tried most of the disable update tweaks and maybe this one will work so thanks. I spose it works with the pro version too and I'm trying another tweaker that claims to lock permissions so the latest 1709 can't change the settings back and auto update yet again. I'll know in the morning if it truly worked as when I get up it has updated itself again if what got bypassed yet again.
    If it doesn't work I'll try it.
    Well I did the tweak too so we'll see what happens in the morning so thanks for the help, one of these should work I'd hope.
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  4.    23 Dec 2017 #14

    The method in post #12 also works on my Home Edition. See: Enable or Disable Windows Update Automatic Updates in Windows 10 - Page 49 - Windows Update Activation Tutorials
    It has not been checking for updates for weeks. Only my VBScript has been dong so.
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  5.    23 Dec 2017 #15

    Well woke up about 3am so woke up machine and still at 1511:) Decided to work today and soak up some OT and machine was still where I left it and is still there now so one of the tweaks here or the other worked The other was a tiny GUI program that can block updates and lock the update files so Microsoft can't come in and reset it again. It's called Windows Update Blocker and my version was released the 9th so it might work too but between them so far I'm locked down again, thanks for the help.
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  6.    28 Feb 2018 #16

    Hi Dartman, can you provide the link to Windows Update Blocker that you are using? Is it this one?Windows Update Blocker v1.0
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  7.    01 Mar 2018 #17

    I'm on the Pro Version.

    I've actually went to the Task Scheduler and disabled everything Windows Update related..
    Stopped and disabled the Windows Updater service..

    and still, last night the PC just force-updated itself. I hate Windows.

    Is there really no way to completely prevent Windows from checking for updates and doing updates ?
    It always makes things worse.
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  •    01 Mar 2018 #18

    Stop Windows 10 Updates Properly and Completely Solved - Windows 10 Forums

    As I have Pro, I have control with Defer and Notify. I've never had an unexpected update/upgrade-related restart.

    Don't forget Active Hours in Settings.
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  •    01 Mar 2018 #19

    dalchina said: View Post
    Stop Windows 10 Updates Properly and Completely Solved - Windows 10 Forums

    As I have Pro, I have control with Defer and Notify. I've never had an unexpected update/upgrade-related restart.

    Don't forget Active Hours in Settings.
    thanks! I've never come across this before..

    Although I am a bit puzzled.. there's this WUMT Wrapper Script, Windows Update Mini Tool and Update Blocker.
    What's the difference ?

    The Video on the Update Blocker actually just shows the Windows Update service being disabled - which I've done.

    If I understand correctly, even despite completely disabling (not setting it on Manual) the service, Windows is still able to run it ?
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