I retired from an IT/data management position several years ago. After a couple of decades of Microsoft, I am not one of the "Microsoft knows best" camp.
Had a laptop running XP (personal, not a work unit) for 17 years, finally went phhhfffttt....had a good grasp of XP, was happy all these years....
Picked up a Dell desktop running Windows 10 Home Edition from a popular retail chain.
Not interested in all the nonsense of Windows 10.
From info posted on various sites, I have whittled things down pretty good.

The last (I hope) bit of nonsense I would like to get rid of is an annoying message that pops up on my screen. It is modal, and tells me that my privacy settings need to be adjusted, and I need to click on the one and only button to, as the screen says, "get this taken care of". I believe one of the triggers is if the computer is idle for 10 minutes or so.

I can do ctrl-alt-del and view task manager (though i can't USE task manager because the annoying screen message is modal), and i can see that one of the UNPUX files (if I recall, I think it is UNPUXhost.exe) is one of the very few actives. If I do ctr-alt-del again, I can sign out and sign back in again, and the message is gone.

I have rummaged around and found the task (in task scheduler) runcmpaignmanager. this is apparently tied to UNP.

I tried to delete this task, but I (as admin and elevated admin) don't have the appropriate permissions.

My system does everything I need it to do, I don't want anymore updates (especially not the fall creator update). How can I obtain the appropriate permissions ("system" ?) to get rid of this task and lock-em-up message ?

I have found lots of useful information on tenforums by lurking, so I decided to join and post this question here.

Thank you in advance for any and all help.