Windows 10: Windows 10 Updates fails to install even after multiple attempts. Solved

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  1.    28 Aug 2015 #81

    Used the Get-WindowsUpdateLog command at the power shell, as in your pic.
    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	34339 It returned me the file. Not sure what it contains. :)
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  2.    23 Oct 2015 #82

    Yet another failed Update : Updated the list
    - Cumulative Update for Windows 10 (KB3097617)
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  3.    12 Nov 2015 #83

    Windows 10 Updates Cannot Install

    Windows 10 Pro / 64
    Looking all over for solutions, but not finding anything promising. I have tried most if not all except reinstall. Here on 10/12/15 experiencing the same issue for the past 10 days or so. Updates stay at 0% install. When reading the various forums I see that most believe that the next W10 upgrade takes place (whenever that is), it will fix this 10240 version. However, how can that get installed if the update problem does not get resolved?
    I have these in pending "Waiting for install":
    Cumulative Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB3105210)
    Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB3106932)
    Security Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB3105216)
    Intel Corporation - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.0, Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, Graphics Adapter WDDM1.2, Graphics Adapter WDDM1.3 - Intel(R) HD Graphics

    This one says "Installing" - but others have been in this status before and did not get past 0%. They don't seem to always go in the same order after trying some of the suggested solutions to clear updates.
    Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. driver update for AMD Radeon HD 5450
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  4.    12 Nov 2015 #84

    I had to wait for the next build to get the update issues i had fixed. Now I'm glad that i can install all the cumulative and security updates they push through without any issues. :) #Update_Freak I like to get new updates and to keep the system always up to date.

    You may have to do an upgrade from within your 10240 or just format the C:\ Drive and install windows and you are set to go. :)
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  5.    13 Nov 2015 #85

    If the answer to this issues is that I have to reinstall W10 all over again, I'll go back to W7 until EOL. I was quite happy with W7 and was very stable. Hopefully if this is the case, mybe by W7 EOL they will have figured out what to do with W10.
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  6.    28 Dec 2015 #86

    I have been dealing with this issues for a couple of months now and looked at so many solutions that did not work - including the ones listed here. Thank you all anyway - tried it.
    However - I believe that I have found the one - I tested and have been getting updates regularly and flawlessly. Additionally - I believe this same resolution was impacting two other issues that have been resolved at the same time - Creating a restore point and Restoring from a restore point. I wish I could remember which site/forum it was that I found this but I cannot, I lost track of it - it certainly deserves a big thank you! If I find, I will edit this post.
    So - about updates:
    The solution that allowed me to start getting updates again was quite simple, yet not too obvious. While in this case it addresses ASRock mobos, it possible/likely that other have similar software.
    For ASRock, itís the USB accelerator called "ASRock XFast Technology". The solution mentions that for some reason W10 updates does not work well with this running and recommends to stop it and delete the driver. Deleting it has to happen because apparently ASRock will call it again on reboot and start it if itís not deleted.
    If other mobos have some similar type of USB accelerator, its quite possible that those also do not play well with W10 updates.
    Look for it and try this if you are having update and restore issues, AND you have some type of USB software accelerator, try stopping and maybe also deleting it to see if this resolves these issues. I have not started it again yet... not sure i need it.

    Thatís it for those issues, now I am left with these two which I have not been able to figure out yet - and once again, I have tried so many suggested solutions without progress:
    > Cannot open Edge (not sure I care, but itís not working) - Edge opens and closes within 2~3 seconds. It does however open in Admin account. My account is also in the Admin group but it does not open Edge.
    > Guest account will not open - you can see it, click it, enter the password, and it sits there for about 5 mins. It then present and error stating that it could not find the temp environment (or something similar).

    I hope this helps others
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  7.    29 Dec 2015 #87

    Well, The issues i was facing was binded with a bad build and it was resolved after installing a superior build. :) The suggestions you have listed might hopefully help users who are having trouble about the same.
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  8.    29 Dec 2015 #88

    Yes, I suppose that incompatibility is part of a bad build. However, this goes to the driver manufacturer as well. I don't see a newer driver from ASRock addressing this issue, and its not new. From what I read all over while looking for a solutions, this has been going on since early Oct. for W10 - and I also saw posting with the same in W8 and 8.1.
    And BTW - as of this posting, I did get Edge to work yesterday using this solution which I had not noticed before. So now I've had my test drive with Edge and its yet another MS 'wonder what they were thinking' case. My findings here.

    I have some free time this week and its mostly raining - so now on to the Guest account.

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  9.    03 Apr 2016 #89

    Updates are DOA: (report) SOLVED !
    "service registration is missing or corrupt".

    Retired Tech, I am: (or why the Live update dream is just pure,,,,,poppy cock.)
    I updated my 12th system w7 to 10 (for me and my club) 3 desktops and the rest laptops.
    All 64bit. all less than 5years old.
    no fresh loads. ( w10 is free... and the w7 COA commutes to w10 )
    The systems I have are all (with new SSD) with fresh w7 then a w10, cap. zero problems. (done many)
    only 1 in the 3 that ran w7 for 5 years, was the problem. (w10 over w7 fresh all run perfectly)

    but doing it over wifi is a bit, over the top,, IMO)
    wifi is subject to "radio interference" from a vast number of sources in your home and out"
    so I used my cat5(RJ45) Ethernet wired to Router with OOKLA speedtest 214(pegs)Mbit/sec. speed.
    I also use a memory stick ISO formatted with w10, release Dec 11, 2015 (source folder date)
    the release has no readme.txt in root of ISO, (sad , no?) "this is release....bla bla.."fail."

    I've discovered the w10 settings upgrade window shows, no updates needed for good systems and bad system . Hark?
    the w10 troubleshooter, shows, "issue not present" this is pure geek speak for , "OK". or
    mine had the red x box and the error every one seems to get .

    (why not...)
    why does not , MS have dummy update. (on the settings page)
    you click on the settings, "Live update test."
    and it tries to download, a 50mb file, full of random 1's and 0's,"white noise" file. to test the links, then do a CRC check, that both ends know by heart, and report failures in detail....

    Actions taken, on the one of twelve horror box (HP P6-2120 DT)
    I read the 240 posts on topic, (DOA
    lots of folks failed for other reasons, (vast as expected...) hard disk full? or failing, fails disk check, or worse?
    Bad internet connections? do a speed test ? (down load the ISO first, and win)
    if you can't down load anything, why try to upgrade?
    is your system time correct. if not it may fail. set it to time sync'd

    1: forgot to remove Avast/AVG/Avira from system first. (good luck there, mine failed this step)
    2: did so, but as many A/V (2nd party) removals, fail, as did this P6 machine I'm writing about now.
    3: w7 was infected. causing the w10 update to fail, or device manager show bad drivers.!!!
    4: wifi issues (sarc, no kidding?)
    5: failed to use ISO, which always works. (we use a STICK boot it and upgrade... or fresh load)
    6: the later, failed to use ISO again to do a w10 to w10 upgrade, (you will lose w7 restore, no big deal... )
    7: found my net frame, all messed up.

    In my 1 case the Avira would not remove nor it's zillion registry entries for Ask tool bar and no removal tool on earth would get it clean. (for such machines a clean load is best, for a filthy dirty old w7 box)"backup first"

    One possible good cure is to RUN the technet, ResetWUEng.cmd file. (a hearthy THANKS GUYS!)
    of all the cures, this one is the best of all, because it did every other posted fix seen on the MS forum, for this UPDATE errors.
    ResetWUEng.cmd (script , read it first if scared, it's open text script) from MS. actual below:

    has 15 menu choices 1 to 15.
    did them all 1 by 1, I did.
    no JOY ! (but is best of best, minus 1)
    In effect the script did every step posted in the ms, forums..... (a noble effort !)

    did them all , 1 by 1, and with the CMD script. deleted update caches and service resets. per ms forum. endless, posts doing same thing.... and..
    DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth
    DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
    Sfc /Scannow (see CBS logs for errors)

    The only cure for this nasty system was.....
    after 1/2 days work (i never give up)
    I found the NET frame messed up, but deleting it and restoring it fails.(per MS guides)
    i then did a w10 to w10. upgrade.

    RIP w7 and RIP, update H3LL.

    Comment, I don't like the Settings update page at all, it's weak technology to the extreme.

    No beefs from me , have Linux boxes. ready , able and willing. anytime.
    good luck to all.

    Best fix for w10
    O&O shutup10, check it out..... and free.

    error codes:
    Get help with Windows 10 upgrade and installation errors - Windows Help

    ms online help did 3 hours, labor on this system, remote and failed (my customer said)
    i did it in 1/2 day. but knew going in , it be a hard case.
    My customer is a friend, that i owe big time! and had 100s of apps/programs loaded, and 10gb of data.
    The w10 >w10 upgrade , worked with out losing any data, (or apps) way to go MS !

    we burned his data to a BD-R disc.... (with his working system + the old slow HDD in abox, frozen on w7 for ever.)
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