Hi there

You CAN activate Windows 10240 on to a new system if you've copied / restored from an already activated image even if it's on different hardware. After re-boot smply update some of the drivers --Video / graphics is usually the most problematical. CPU change doesn't seem to matter (Intel-->AMD or vice versa).

Ensure though on restore that the small Boot partition is flagged as ACTIVE --if you don't do that then you will get "Can't find Operating system" when you try and boot your restored image. If the partition isn't active use GPARTED or another partition manager to flag it as ACTIVE.

You will need an ACTIVTED version if you want to customise (personalize) your system. If Windows isn't activated then you will get a message saying you must activate Windows to personalize.

on ONE really difficult system it restored as not Activated - but the activation method commands worked just fine -- not allowed to list here the KMS command but simply google. My other systems all activated just fine.