I'm trying to create a GPO to point our Windows 10 machines to our WSUS server and then use Automatic Download and Install during a maintenance schedule.

  • I've gone under Automatic Maintenance Activation Boundary and set that to 13:00 (1PM) for testing.
  • I've gone under Maintenance Random Delay and set that to 1 hour

  • I've gone under Config Automatic Updates and set it to 4 (download and install). I also set day to Saturday and time to 13:00 (1PM) but I don't know how this affects the Maintenance Boundary up above...
  • I've gone under Specify Intranet Site and put in our WSUS server.

Anyway, I then ran a GPUpdate on my laptop which worked and gpresult says it applied the setting. However, when I go under All Settings | Update & security and then click Advance Options, it still shows "Never check for updates" which is what our normal GPO for everyone else uses. I put my machine in a sub-OU and assigned the test GPO to that sub folder. The main WSUS GPO is not Enforced and the test GPO is Enforced.

Should that dropdown change to reflect the current settings? Is there some other way to tell if the settings are applied correctly? I don't want to click "Check for Updates" because that usually checks and installs which is NOT what I want to do. I want to test the automatic install portion but can't tell if the right settings are in place or not.

I hope that all makes sense. Let me know if I can provide any other information.