Windows 10: What hit me? BSOD on the 12th

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    What hit me? BSOD on the 12th


    I'm new here, a little above average in computers, but that doesn't say a heck of a lot about average users of computers.

    I updated my system yesterday (11th of April, 2017) all went well. This morning, as I always do on start up checked for any windows updates and I swear it wanted to upload Creator and I thought, ok today is the day, no big deal. Long load time, got done and it started to update/install, it got to 30% and I walked away from the screen, I got back to a black screen. My machine isn't the fastest, but not that slow, but I gave it a while, at least 15 minutes or a half hour. I run a spartan hard drive, not that much on it. Wouldn't come out of the black screen so I hit the turn off switch. Recovered to a previous version. I hit the update to look see again and it wanted to do a 1709 update, I think, and I was thinking it might have installed Creator in-spite of the black screen, so it downloads.... Black screen at 50% install. I rebooted and recovered. No more updates and it now says I can be the first on my block to get the Creator update.. I don't think so. ;p

    What hit me? What was that masked updates?

    Edit: I work on my neighbors machine, he didn't have the update. I checked some friends, after warning them earlier, and they didn't have the update. My girlfriend runs almost the same machine mine is, just minutes after getting mine back in shape and she didn't have the update/s.
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    Pretty sure a half hour is nowhere near enough time for CU install. If you look at other threads here about the CU load/install time you'll see that. Don't know the speed of your CPU and internet connection speed, but I suspect that forcing a power off in the middle of the update created the problem.
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    Total time was a lot longer than a half hour, it was at the black screen for about a half hour. It was at 30% installed last I saw and I walked away, when I came back the black screen, then I waited the 15 min to a 30 mins. I have an i7 and a SSD, 16 gig ram mem.

    The second downloaded update, 1709?, same thing, only it was at 50% installed when the black screen hit. Again I waited and nothing. Power switch fix.

    I did go out to the MS site and ran their fix tool. I didn't really understand all it did, but it did say I still had corrupted files, everything else it fixed. Any downloads I have listed are complete, I see nothing that should be removed. And the update page still shows the creator update as "coming soon".

    On a side note. I use CCleaner and it lists the backup files. I had one before this, it shows none now. May have nothing to do with the above, but very odd. I have never had that happen before.
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    I just finished the Creator's Update. Open the My Computer drop down for my environment. Total update time start to finish was 104 minutes with five black screens during the install and update phases. All black screens came back to life on their own.
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    Yesterday I updated my girl friends machine, went without a hitch. Her machine is almost identical to mine, except I have an SSD and my wifi is in the box, brief black screens. I tried mine again, Creator Update using the web update tool, after using the update repair tool from MicroSoft, which reported everything fixed. This time I got a black screen after the restart at 80% installed. I waited an hour and a half with the black screen on. Power switch fix, it restored back.
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    I tried for a forth time.... updated all drivers (they were before), used the fix tool from MS, this time (the forth) I used a hard wire, no wifi. Failed at 73%.

    This isn't the first time MS has screwed up with basics and I'm beginning to think they aren't paying attention to Asus machines or they don't like them.

    I can't begin to tell you the stupid fix for another major update, it had to do with a freakin mouse port, and ya we were up all night for that for that (we figured out a fix, never sure they bothered), and it was a popular pro Asus motherboard. But this one is nuts.

    This son of a bitch is gonna cost me and there is no reason for it. Find it and fix it.

    Just when I begin to think MS is beginning to catch a clue, why you wanna cost me money? Again? Pissin me off, if I didn't game, I'da left your sorry asses years ago.

    Not happy.
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    Trying for a fifth time, Avast off.
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