The problem is that after the "Get Windows 10" app update came out I did not get it. So I found out that my Update center is off so I turned it back on. It found a couple of hundred updates but only installed half of them others crashed my PC. So I manually downloaded and installed the needed updates but the App still didn't appear even tho it was in my C:\Windows\System32\GWX folder. So I've done some research and found some code that I needed to post in notepad and run. That didn't help either. So after some time I found this: file provided in that page worked (it updated my registry files). The app finally appeared and I was able to reserve my free copy of Windows 10. But now another problem has come up whenever I try to run th app again it launches shows "Please wait..." and then shuts down. Sometimes it freezes and then shuts down although the icon stays in the system tray and GWX.exe is still running according to my task manager. Now what am I afraid off? I received the succesful reservaton email BUT now that this problem has come up I am afraid that I won't be able to run my "Get Windows 10" app on July 29th. Any ideas?