Thanks for that. You basically did this - Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade and then did the Upgrades after the fresh copy fixed whatever issues were interfering. From what I've read in other topics on this particular cum update, this may be faster than waiting all the hrs for it to download in background and then try to install that other are experiencing. The usb option, which is the only one if you can't boot, is over used when the In Place ISO is fast and effective. The key is download a new copy with MCT each time, as it's updated periodically.

I do manage a bunch of other Win10 systems, many in other states and only one failed to install this latest update but after taking a break, I came back and the message to Restart to Finish Updates was on the screen, so maybe I wasn't patient enough. The In-Place Upgrade/Repair is my preferred method of installing major updates like 1511 or Anniversary and I will be doing it that way again with the Creators Update next month. Again, thanks for your input.