Hi all!

Currently we're updating the Windows 10 (x64 Ent 1511) clients in a multilingual VMware Mirage environment. Unfortunately the update from 1511 to 1607 is not supported/possible with VMware Mirage therefore we're planning to use WSUS.

The testing group consists of 3 Windows 10 Enterprise x64 1511 clients. The base Windows 10 image is English with three additional language packs (German, French, Italian).

After enabling language packs in the WSUS console we've assigned the anniversary update and all three language packs to the testing group. The anniversary update is being installed successfully while the language packs cannot be applied - without feedback.

Therefore, after the update from 1511 to 1607, on the next start-up we're facing an English UI instead of the GPO defined language - whether it's German, French or Italian.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this?

I thank you very much!

Kind regards