Restore Point - how to make a bootable DVD from working restore point?

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    Restore Point - how to make a bootable DVD from working restore point?

    Windows 10 automatics updates did not end up looping until 17 January 2017
    and system restore point were made regularly also taking backup from those parts
    of system Windows10 does not save to restore points because they are not MS products
    but from other vendors such as those of network and display providers.
    by using Windows10 services and by updating nework and display drivers manually.

    However, the Win10 updates 17 January 2017 end up looping and one does not have
    any options to use Windows10 anymore with any tricks/tips/reset/ etc

    It would be more than usual to have the latest working system - net and display drivers included - in a bootable DVD to be able to continue using Windows10 without new non working updates!

    Thanks in advance for any tips!
    ps. the days with Windows OS updates with CD/DVD had its advantages!
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    I remember wishing to do this back in the Vista or Windows 7 days. That's when I learned to my dismay, as you will now doubt learn to yours right now, that you cannot convert a restore point into something you can use to perform an in-place repair install. There seem to be no such tools around, as I learned when wondering about this back when, and just reconfirmed by trying to find such a tool or tools right now. So sorry, you'll have to get your system back some other way.
    My advice:
    1. Make a complete copy of the system drive. You can use Macrium to clone the drive so you have a backup copy around, however munged it may be. You may also want to extract those files you wish to keep, so you can copy them onto your new install at the right time.
    2. Attempt a system reset, and hope it works. You'll still have to reinstall your applications, update your drivers and copy your saved files where you want them to go.
    3. As a last resort a clean install will set things back to rights. As in #2, you'll still have to reinstall your applications, update your drivers and copy your saved files where you want them to go.
    HTH, and sorry for your trouble (and to be the bearer of bad tidings).
    This is one case where I would LOVE to be wrong, so if anybody knows better about converting restore points to something installable, please correct me!
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    If it helps, if you can find a way to boot to a command prompt you can start System Restore with the command: C:\Windows\System32\rstrui.exe
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    Good point, Bree: thanks for the reminder.
    Best wishes,
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    Can't go to command mode in Windows 10 because it does not boot, it does not start, it does not restart, it sets itself to offline state with net, nothing can be done, hardware power off/on does not help, it does not accept/detect any keyboard action - however it is still alive: one can move mouse and it displays mouse cursor and that famous spinning circle; and yes it does start after power off/on etc by displaying Windows logo; yes it does start using net and web which can be seen by monitoring line communication and modem; however after that it stops communication to Microsoft server/or MS task dies etc (and note that unlike other OS such as Linux Windows 10 has never been able to detect net offline; for example if you start W10 offline by forgetting to have modem off, you have to restart W10 whereas Linux detects automatically that kind of net off/on cases) - Executive Summary: 17 January 2017 Windows 10 update not only forced workstation offline but made it unusable even as an offline workstation.

    In case I'll get W10 to work some day, are there tools for Windows10 to make "system disk image" i.e like for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP had and does anybody know links to those tools?

    Are there any secret keys to get access to Windows 10 command mode 1) before it start updates 2) while it is doing updates?

    Recently someone found a security hole in Windows 10 which may have been kind of two button combination not documented - what could it be; W10 is offline and I just wanted to get access even to command mode and this new security bug is not any secret anymore?

    Would it be possible to define as read-only 1) C drive ( W10 is in C:and also non-MS network and non-MS display drivers 2) network driver thereby preventing update to replace them which makes workstation offline and spoils the whole online update process 3) W10 core (I don't need extra but I do need a working OS core?

    Could I have other Windows OS in the same workstation such as
    1) Win 8.1 Pro
    2) Win 7.1
    3) Vista
    4) XP
    i.e workstation with two Windows OS, one trusteed more reliable and one which may set itself offline, destroy your working dislay, net etc drivers without warning and kill itself with poorly coded and propably not well tested updates
    which you don't even need! ?

    Thanks guys for your tips!
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