Windows 10: Interruption options during Windows 10 automatic update ?

  1.    19 Jan 2017 #1

    Interruption options during Windows 10 automatic update ?

    Once Windows 10 starts automatic updates - sometimes even without user permission -
    what are user options to interrupt the automatic update process (can't wait/can see
    it will fail/Windows 10 cuts off network connection with the new MS net drivers which you
    detect by monitoring communiction line/modem/...) and what are the pros/cons in each options:

    1) Keyboard ?

    2) Reset button ?

    3) Power off/on ?

    4) Mouse buttons ?
    + mouse does work and Win10+ shows mouse cursor

    5) LAN cable off ?

    6) other ?
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  2.    20 Jan 2017 #2

    Hi dragonxi4tenfor.

    Are you talking about windows updates when...

    1. They are installing while you are currently logged-in (viewing the windows update settings panel)
    2. You select shutdown and windows installs updates (on the shutting down screen) before hand and then shuts down?

    I wouldn't usually interupt windows updates as there is always the risk that it might cause problems next time the computer boots. Especially if its a bit one like the anniversary update or any culmative update.

    I'm not exactly sure how a keyboard or mouse would interupt windows updates other then clicking a possible cancel option but I haven't seen this before while windows updates.

    I'm taking that a reset button is the same as the power on and off? I can't really see a button that does a reset except maybe in windows settings? (This does a clean install of windows)

    Power off button, I wouldn't recommend as the screen clearly tells you not to power off the computer. However some people still do this and so the next time they turn their computer it back on windows needs more time to rollback the updates. So better just to leave it do the updates.

    Turning off the internet will only work when the updates are downloading, not installing. You could do this but its hard to actually tell when windows is downloading the updates as it usually automatically does this in the background.

    Overall pros to all these options are mostly similar, yes you will interrupt the updates but you will only get so far as windows has to either rollback the update or to re-download it. The cons are having the risk of encountering problems every time windows update is interrupted.

    Personally I would try some of these options if you want to interrupt the updates relatively safely.
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  3.    21 Jan 2017 #3

    dragonxi4tenfor said: View Post
    Once Windows 10 starts automatic updates - sometimes even without user permission -
    You may disable automatic updates according to Windows Update Automatic Updates - Enable or Disable in Windows 10
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  4.    23 Jan 2017 #4


    Yes, one can do actions for that assuming they have the effects promised by GUI; however in my case they have NOT been taken into account in the lates Windows 10 update 17th of January 2017 but instead it DID update and it DID try to get itself up and running with the updates which naturally failed because updates had replaced my working non MS network drivers with non working MS net drivers which never work in my systems and once Win10 makes itself offline with the new net drivers it will not get itself to the web and it will try without having any timeouts, no maximums how many ties to try, propably no try-except programming structures - no way to detect itself that it is has started mission impossible after having made itself offline and totally unusable and unreachable!
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  5.    23 Jan 2017 #5

    I'm finding it a little difficult to understand the reasons for the problems you're experiencing with your hardware...
    Is it that Windows 10 doesn't automatically provide the necessary drivers because this hardware is no longer supported (or too new perhaps?), or is this a case of certain hardware being targeted by Microsoft for testing their own (generic) drivers with?

    It would help everyone here if you could list the problem hardware and the build you are trying to install.

    If you have particular drivers you want to install and use, can you not download and re-install those after letting the update do it's thing and then restart? Sure you'll likely have a few failed updates at this point, but if you don't delete those unwanted updates from your system they're not likely to be downloaded again.
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  6.    24 Jan 2017 #6

    Thanks guys !
    The following hipefully clarifies:
    1) I don't have any hardware problems
    2) hardware has worked fine with the drivers provided by their manufacturers
    3) hard disks work fine and have passed tests by operating systems
    4) two Samsung monitors work fine with NVIDIA GPU cards and NIVIDIA drivers !
    5) network connections work fine with the drivers supplied by the manufacture

    Before 17th of Januray update I could live with Windows 10 updates as follows:
    6) when it put the PC offile I manually installed the network drivers from the network board manufacturer and got Windows 10 online!
    7) when Windows 10 update changed my monitor resolution miserable I installed manually NVIDIA display drivers!
    8) when Windows 10 update lost the second monitor I manually NVIDIA display drivers!
    9) when Windows 10 update have failed badly I have restarted from the previous working restore point and also
    a) installed manually NVIDIA display drivers <-- Window 10 system includes only MS drivers !
    b) installed manually the network drivers from the network board manufacturer <-- Window 10 system includes only MS drivers !

    Manageable bugs with Windows 10 updates before 17th of January 2017!

    After 17th of January 2017 Windows Update serious problems with Windows 10 although
    my hardware is OK and the Linux system providing access to the Web for Linux computers, Windows 7.1 PC,

    Also, Win 8.1 Pro DVD software from Microsoft verified the boot hard disk C: to be available,
    unfortunately it did not allow anymore to install it but tried to force to Windows 10 which I already have (non-working)!

    Hopefully this helped!
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