Looping update of Windows 10 - how to solve

  1.    18 Jan 2017 #1

    Looping update of Windows 10 - how to solve

    The automatic update of Windows 10 is looping, failing to update, not letting interrupt it; not receiving keyboard interrupts, only displaying the "round loop" - what can be done?

    ~ 17 January update is the first totally failing
    ~ earlier updates have had bugs related to the Windows 10
    desire to replace non Microsoft network drivers and non Microsoft display drivers but one could have recovered by replacing them with trusteed net and display drivers
    ~ earlier updated have discovered failures and let continue from previois system restore points

    This 17 automatic Windows 10 update:
    ~ started without permission
    ~ did display some security improves being installed
    ~ does not display what is it doing/ how much - no nothing!

    What can be done (hardware is ok and previois Windows 10 worked with features needed and even with two monitors having NVidia drivers being able to connect to Web once Microsoft drivers were replaced with better non MSdrivers!

    I have Windows 8.1 Pro DVD but would not want to install it.
    Luckyly I have Linux powered systems to be in this forum!

    Please help and thanks in advance!
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  2.    19 Jan 2017 #2


    What do you mean by a looping update?

    Is it going into an Automatic Repair loop, a repeating boot, hanging on spinning dots, black screen with spinning circle....something else?
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  3.    20 Jan 2017 #3

    Hanging on spinning dots
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  4.    20 Jan 2017 #4


    Try the following:

    Step 1: Make sure the computer is shut down, and press the Power Button to turn the computer on.

    Step 2: As soon as you see the rotating loading circle, press and hold the Power Button until the computer shuts off again.

    Step 3: Repeat this process 2 or 3 times until you see the following on the screen: Preparing Automatic Repair
    Let the computer boot to the Automatic Repair screen.

    Step 4: The next screen (blue) goes to: Choose Account to continue
    Select your account, enter your Password, and press: Continue

    Step 5: A Diagnosing your PC screen appears, and it takes you to the screen for: Automatic Repair

    Step 6: Here you can click Restart, or, Advanced Options
    Step 6.1: Select: Restart

    Allow the computer to go through the routine, and see if it solves the issue.

    If the problem still exists, go back to Step 1 through Step 6.

    Step 6.2: This time, click: Advanced Options

    Step 7: In the Choose an Option screen, select: Troubleshoot

    Step 8: At the next screen, select: Advanced Options

    Step 9: Last, select: Startup Repair (Used for problems that keep Windows 10 from loading)

    Please provide an update.
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  5.    24 Jan 2017 #5

    Power on-off trials to get Windows 10 Update boot and update online

    You are the first one who understood I could not use GUI with mouse and did not have keyboard command options-
    only power on/off and reset options available with this Windows 10 update monster 17th of January 2017!

    Step 1: unplugged the PC from power

    Step 2: pressed Power

    Step 3 got "Preparing automatic fix"

    Step 4: got "Running Diagnostics"

    Step 5: got "Fixing disk errors" <-- did not found any errors in my boot disk C:

    Step 6:got "Motherboard Boot"

    Step 7:got Windows Logo

    Step 7: got "Scanning and reparing drive K:" <-- looked like it fixed my USB drive !

    Step 8: got only those famous "circling dots" with no text messages what the system is doing!

    Step 9: tried to get to command mode with CTRIL+R without any success

    Step 10: got both two screens blank

    Step 11: moved mouse between two screen

    Step 12: clicked mouse with no response from Windows

    Step 13: switced modem off <-- tried to test whether Windows 10 will succeed to boot offline

    Step 14: Power Off

    Step 15: Power On

    Step 16: Reset

    Step 17: got Motherboard BIOS screen

    Step 18: got only that "circling dots" user interface from Windows 10 <=> offline boot did not success!


    Step 1 - 21: tried Power On/Off without getting Windows 10 to start fixing hard disks!

    Step 22: booted from MB by pressing DEL

    Step 23: changed boot order to have my hard disk the highest priority <-- DVD before (I did keep DVD in above)

    Step 24-31: Windows 10 did not recognise power on/off situations I caused!

    Step 32: stopped Power On/Off actions - this is a software bug in Windows 10 to be solved with software!

    Step 33: concluded this mission to be impossible for sevral reasons, some but not all as follows:
    a) there is not other GUI than these circling dots <-- are guys happy / is this the best available GUI from Win10 ?
    b) does Windows 10 has any developer releases/version for advanced user to see where it fails ?
    c) offline boot and start features are missing in Windows 10 - otherwise it would not start online updates ?
    d) can online updates succeed if the Microsoft server is not responding - would not ?
    e) when will there be offiicial Windows 10 release this spring guaranteed by Microsoft ?
    f) core booting and starting feature missing in Windows 10 ?
    g) safe mode start not anymore availble because Windows 10 uses the most unsafe modules of the latest update?
    h) where to get a trusteed core Windows 10 without updates (I don't need them and they don't wotk for me) ?

    Finally, THANKS cottonball - you rock!

    Feedbacks and tips more than welcome!
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