Windows 10: How much more disk space does the Anniversary Update use up? Solved

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       11 Nov 2016 #1

    How much more disk space does the Anniversary Update use up?

    I am not talking about how much temporary space it needs to install (That's a separate issue and I will need to add a flash drive for that). I need to know approximately how much more (or less, or the same) space it is going to use up after the install. My Win 10 laptop only has 3GB of space left on its small 32GB eMMC drive (Win 10 Operating System - C: Drive). That is after cleaning up everything possible, and almost all applications installed on a separate 32GB SD card (Applications - D: Drive).
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    From what I read you need at least 6-8 GB of space to accommodate a minimal Win10 install. Here's an interesting Windows Report story on this very subject: How to install the Anniversary Update on 32GB devices
    64 GB SD cards are cheap now. Could you give yourself some more breathing room that way instead?
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    I already have win 10 installed, and I am only talking about how much extra space will be taken up AFTER the Anniversary Update is installed, not temporary space required DURING the update. Anyway, that eMMC storage is a soldered in IC chip and is not upgradable, so that is not an option.
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    Thanks for your clarification and explanation. According to various sources, the on-disk footprint for Windows 10 versions is about 9 GB for x86 (32-bit) and 10 GB for 64-bit. To the best of my recollection there is about a 1 - 1.5 GB increase over the original 1507 release from July 29, 2015. I don't know where the 1511 release fits on that spectrum, but surely it falls within the range of 7.5-9 GB for x86 and 8.5 - 10 GB for x64. That said, actual on-disk size for Windows also depends on whether or not it's an upgrade or a clean install. These numbers apply only to clean installs. If you're upgrading, you will need to add a minimum 6 GB or so to account for larger WinSxS and Installer folders.

    PS: I wasn't advocating that you change your EMMc knowing full-well such devices are soldered and not replaceable. I was talking about your Secure Digital memory card (as I see I said) and asking you to contemplate replacing your current 32 GB SD card with a 64 GB SD card. Sorry if that was insufficiently clear.

    PPS: here's one source that addresses disk footprint and DVD footprint for Win10:
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       11 Nov 2016 #5

    pjc123 said: View Post
    That is after cleaning up everything possible,
    With no pagefile, no hiberantion file, no apps store installed and everything cleaned, I get this:

    Run WC.bat as admin in order to clean more.
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    How much more disk space does the Anniversary Update use up? Attached Files
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    Yes, what I am really looking for is someone to keep track of their before and after disk size as part of the update process going from 1511. I am sure it is not exactly the same for everyone, but a ballpark would work. It would be nice if Microsoft documented this...maybe they did, but I just couldn't find it.
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    I think we're trying, Pjc123, knowing your situation requires minimum footprint. Looking through my backups for several machines, I see an increase of about 900 MB on my x64 machines for the on-disk footprint, across the board, going from 1511 to 1607. I don't run any 32-bit/x86 machines so I have no data to offer for that side of the distribution. My Dell Venue Pro 11 tablet has always had the smallest footprint (it runs the Insider Preview Version 1607 Build 14965 right now) and its current Windows footprint is 17.3 GB.
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    EdTittel said: View Post
    I see an increase of about 900 MB on my x64 machines for the on-disk footprint, across the board, going from 1511 to 1607.
    Thanks for taking the time to look that up; that really helps, and tells me it is do-able on my machine. I am also on x64.

    @TairikuOkami. I disabled hibernation, but with only 2gb of ram (Not upgradable either) I don't dare disable the pagefile.

    Things I do to regularly to keep the size down:
    1) Run disk cleanup including system files.
    2) Run CCleaner.
    3) Delete %TEMP% files.
    4) Delete Windows/Temp files.
    5) Run a search and check for HUGE size files I may have forgot about that I downloaded.

    One time things I have done:
    1) Disabled hibernation.
    2) Reduce the size of the System Recovery space.
    3) Deleted the swsetup files. (Actually moved them to the D: drive).
    4) Use the web to access most of my Google Drive files so they are not synced to the disk (Huge space saver).

    Things I still can do as a last resort
    1) I still have a couple disk intensive apps on the C: drive because it is faster than the SD card (Nortons, Malwarebytes and a couple of browsers) that I can move to the SD card if I have to. Maybe a gigs worth.
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       12 Nov 2016 #9
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       30 Nov 2016 #10

    So, just reporting back. I did the Anniversary Update yesterday and gained 1 GB of space after cleaning everything up (Actually closer to 2 GB because I added some more programs and files), so it worked out well. Thanks for the posts in this thread to insure that the update would not wipe out all my space. I used an external hard drive to perform the update because it would not run with only 3 GB of space on my eMMC drive. The update allowed me to pick the external drive (An older version of the Anniversary Update did not give this option) and everything went OK until later on during the update when it stated once again it needed more space for the update. I selected the external drive, but this time it did not accept it, and also would not accept the SD card (I don't remember how much space it needed the first time, but this time it needed 14 GB of space to continue with the update}. So out of ideas I figured I would reboot and see what happens. That fixed the problem and the update used the external drive and continued without any more problems. It took like a half a day on my slow machine to complete the update process. Everything worked fine afterwards except for LibreOffice, which I discovered a bizarre fix after playing around with it for two days (Can't say for sure it was related to the update or not).

    Yah. Now that I am done I can finally I can go back to Linux on my Desktop computer and Raspberry Pi !!!
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