I have the Win 10 Ann Ed running and the other day a notification came up that updates were ready and a restart was needed. I selected to restart now and it went through its routine including a percentage progress indicator during shutdown, another percentage indictor during start up and soon after Win 10 came back up a notification that updates were installed. It took about 10 minutes overall. Fine!

Then the next day I was working on the PC but had to leave soon and wanted to shut down the PC. So I selected Shutdown from the Start Menu but instead of just shutting down it went into the blue screen with rotating balls indicating it was working on updates. I received NO indication that there were any pending updates and the Start Menu did NOT say anything about any updates.

What made it even worse was that there was NO percentage progress indicator so it just sat there churning on the updates. I looked at the disk activity indicator and it was blinking randomly but it didn't seem to be too busy. After a while I got concerned that it may never end and was even contemplating powering the PC down even though I knew it would cause other problems. I was getting very frustrated an felt like throwing a brick at my PC!!!

But eventually AFTER HALF AN HOUR it finally shut down. Later on when I powered it back up it went right into Win 10 and everything seemed OK. I went into the Update History and while it showed the updates from the day before it showed NOTHING from this unexpected update!

Has anyone else experienced this kind of unexpected LONG update with no advanced notification and no percentage progress indicator? Does anyone know why its doing it?