Windows 10: Is there a way to make Windows Update play nice?

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    Is there a way to make Windows Update play nice?

    In earlier versions of Windows I don't remember windows update being so nasty like it is in Win10. Let me give you a few examples:

    1.) Sometimes windows update will give me the opportunity to postpone an update, but sometimes not. I'll open my laptop to do some crucial task and I'm presented with a message such as "Don't turn off your computer, Windows is updating". One time it was 20 minutes before I could use my computer. Who owns this computer anyway, me or Microsoft?

    2.) Perhaps millions of us recognize how useless the new windows start screen is. Even Microsoft recognizes this because they keep on trying to fix it (without success). Fortunately, we don't have to put up with this because we have the classic start menu. However windows update has disabled classic start menu many times, and sometimes it even deletes the executable, which means I have to download and install it yet again. Come on Microsoft, that is really mean. You must know by now that this software is not a virus and does not interfere with normal windows operations.

    3.) Windows puts some icons up that I find useless. For example the "store" icon in the taskbar. I will probably never buy an app from this store and certainly it doesn't rise to the importance necessary for something to live in the taskbar. Likewise for the "show desktop" icon it put in my quicklaunch bar. No problem ... it wasn't difficult for me to remove these icons ... but why do they reappear after windows update has done its thing. Just one more annoyance that has started making me dread seeing the "Windows is updating" message.

    4.) Windows has a cloud backup system called "OneDrive" that I found pathetic. You can only back up libraries and your OneDrive folder in your user directory. (Want to back up another folder on a different drive ... forget about it). It is amazing to me that so many people put up with this when there are so many free cloud backup solutions that don't have such a silly restriction. I use IDrive for this purpose which is so convenient and easy to use. Unfortunately Windows update usually disables one thing or another that IDrive needs (sometimes the IDrive service) and I sometimes don't notice that IDrive hasn't been working until I go looking for a earlier rev of a modified file and find that it is not there.

    These problems and more have caused me to disable the Microsoft update service entirely ... however I have found that doing so does have some disadvantages of its own. So I was hoping one of you knows how to make the windows update process less miserable.

    Sorry to mix in a fair amount of ranting in with my question ... but I felt the need to vent. I used to think Apple was the only company who thought they knew exactly how you wanted to use your computer (which is why I wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot pole), but now it seems like Microsoft is heading in a similar direction, and I hate it.

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    Hi, MS is earning themselves a poor reputation with large updates which are problematic for enough that MS is having to withdraw or replace them sometimes.

    A 12 hr Active hours period during which your PC will not restart does not fit everyone's way of working.

    The possibility of a random restart (which has never happened to me even after the active hours period) is even stranger. Couple that with driver update issues for some, perhaps with older PCs, and the need to protect drivers from update, and the situation does seem rather out of hand.

    Disabling updates altogether means that Defender, if used, gets no updates, unless you set up a scheduled task.

    MS has released a tool that allows you to hide updates- once received and found problematical.
    Windows Updates - Hide or Show in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    You may also find this of interest:
    Download Windows Update MiniTool - MajorGeeks
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    There was only one question, apart from the title: "Is there a way to make Windows Update play nice? ", and that was:

    Who owns this computer anyway, me or Microsoft?
    Which is an interesting question, without a simple answer - except it's not Microsoft!

    If you bought your computer with an OEM version of Windows, your contract is solely with the vendor - who you paid your money to, in the first place, and if you accept that they fairly traded with you, then secondly to the OEM who supply the Hardware and software as a package as outlined in your EULA - your license agreement.

    If they are an honourable OEM, they will support you within the terms of any warranty they offer.

    So far, Microsoft has not come into it - you have no contract with them, and they have no liability for any problems due to Microsoft software that you may incur since you bought a package of hardware and software from the OEM, via the vendor.

    Now, without you specifically asking for it or even doing anything about it, you upgrade your Windows version online!

    Microsoft makes your Operating system change into a new feature version or cumulative upgrade monster that doesn't work anymore!

    Your OEM doesn't have the responsibility to support you any longer - you are not running the system they supplied you with, and all they can do is help you back to the system they supplied you with, unless you can show that the hardware is at fault.

    It's a similar situation to having a child or pet or planting a tree or hedge. They are small and responsive and even pretty in their own way at first, but after a while, they can become monsters to upkeep.

    So this enfant terrible, the Microsoft Proteus eating at your computer's integrity and your sanity, forever changing in a direction you never intended is Microsoft's responsibility and you ought to be able to say no, stop now!

    Perhaps for a such as this are a way to start, and Microsoft do offer a feedback hub, so make your feelings known!
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