Hello, I have a new HP PC Desktop computer, only about a month old. It has always been Windows 10. The updates happen without permission, I have EST antivirus, Carbonite backup, and Malware. This update is taking way longer than any other update has taken so far. My screen has looked like "this" since 12:05 p.m. today and it is now 9:56 p.m. Is this normal? I understand this update may be rewriting my entire windows OS but I can't tell anything, no messages or hints as to is it working the way it's supposed to? I'm afraid to turn it off but how long should I wait? Next week sometime? I need my PC for my business, I'm self employed as a bookkeeper. I've attached what my screen looks like. If it does not resolve itself, I guess it's the shop?

I tried to upload a picture but I can't even figure out how to do that so here is what my screen says and looks like. It is all green. It has a little circle of dots going round and round. Underneath it says

Configuring update for Windows 10
99% complete
Do not turn off your computer

any help or guidance would be very much appreciated.... thank you.