After suffering through an update process that took a total of about 18 hours to download and then install the Anniversary Issue of Windows 10 I've had a series of problems:

DAY 1 Firstly, the system seemed to be stuck in an infinite loop of trying to install. I waited many hours and then finally did a hard reboot which seemed to allow the update to get over some hump and finalize. Then, for a day everything worked fine, and my two monitors also were fine. After shutting the computer down for the night and restarting it in the morning, this is what happened...

Day 2 Windows seemed to boot okay, except that both monitors would flash on and off, and I could hear the 'program start' sound and the 'program close' sound each time. I left it for a long time to see if it would resolve, eventually it did and everything was working fine.

Day 3 I received a message saying that "ASUS AI Charger and AI Charger Plus was removed because it doesn't work for this version of Windows. The monitors flashing and the program start and program close sounds resumed. I left it for a long time to see if it would resolve, but it did not. I unplugged my secondary monitor, DVI-D, and voila, the flashing stopped on the main monitor everything is fine. If I try to plug in my secondary monitor again, it goes back to flashing.

Any suggestions on what to do? I would very much like to have my secondary monitor back in use!

Thanks for any help.