For people with older systems

This desktop pc has MSI 785GM-P45 motherboard, AMD Athlon II x2 245e 2 core cpu 2.9GHz, 8 GB Dual-channel DDR3 667MHz AMD & Nanya ram 9,9,9,24,33,2T, MSI ATI Radeon HD 5450 Graphics card , AOC F22 23 inch display monitor, 500 GB Seagate ST500DMO SATA 3 main hdd, 1 TB Samsung HD103SJ SATA 3 storage hdd, Optiarc DVD RW AD-7260S SATA 3 Optical drive, Sedna PCIe USB 3.0 4 port adapter all powered by LSP 550 watt ATX power supply. Currently running Windows 10 AU ver 1607.

This system built 2007 with Win XP, then Win 7 Home, then Win 10, now Win 10AU. This has been good stable system for all these years, run almost constantly 24/7.

For those people having problems updating older MSI and AMD products, my experience ... Win XP and Win 7 installed with no problems, but to get Sata drives working good installed latest AMD AHCI Sata Controller driver ver 3-29-2015. For HD5450 graphics card installed AMD Driver ver 15.201.1151.1008 11-4-15.

Win 10 free update installed with no problems, added the Sedna PCIe USB 3.0 4 port adapter for faster file transfers. Windows 10 automatically installed VIA USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller that worked with the device perfectly. Did not have to use the included driver disk.
Had problems updating to Win 10 AU. Update downloaded OK installing and setup would get to about 30% and 1st reboot OK, but continuing install and next reboot would cause Hyper Transport Sync Flood error and would install previous Win 10 version. This happened twice and I found very little info on internet related to problem, but gathered what I could. To get Win 10 AU ver 1607 installed I ...

Changed my MY-PC-NAME to MYPCNAME, Went in BIOS and turned off Quite and Cool, Turned off all components in BIOS I did not use or need, downloaded Windows update Assistant and run which checked my pc and downloaded and installed the latest update for Windows 10 AU ver 1607.

All is working well now. Maybe some of this can help you. NOTE, I did not make any CPU, RAM, Graphics or HT link frequency or voltage changes as some websites suggested. My CPU temp 34 degrees C, Graphics card temp 52 degrees C, System temp 37 degrees C, HDDs temp 45 degrees C.