Heya All,
Brand new member here even though been reading this site a long time. Some awesome news and help here. Also see a lot of great people willing to help and is good to see.

I have a question on this build which over all am really liking a lot.

I have tried everything to stop WU from updating my amd drivers. From rolling back after it installs, to set the flag, to advanced settings and telling it not to update drivers. Nothing works. When the new driver is installed it messes up the start menu where only a few apps show and mousing over erases em to Windows mail getting framework errors and crashing. I install 15.5 beta and magically everything works. Any ideas how to stop the auto update?
This has been an issue since build 10122 and have yet to figure it out. Been beta testing a long time and I tell ya this is driving me crazy trying to find a solution.

Thanks for any ideas and information,