i have this ONE pc with windows 10 pro installed i needed
to upgrade the Hdd cause it was running out of space.
so i bought a 6TB hdd to replace the 3TB Hdd original.
both Hdds have the same activation serial.both work fine.
i updated the original hdd to the anniversary update every thing
went well.. i the swapped out the 6tb and proceeded to update to
the anniversary everything goes well till it reboots.it the cant find
the os cause something has changed the boot order in my BIOS.
when i make the correction it reverts back to the previous version/
i have one more thing to try disconnect all drives but the boot drive.
that is the number one law when installing windows now days cause Microsoft OS
installer does a stupid and searches for a certain partition on other drives instead
of just creating in on the new OS drive.... i will let every one know of the results ...in the mean time any help appreciated...